RenQuest™:  Ambition Realized

2018 Scores and Champions

2018 Leader (as of 8/29/18)

Cecily Bolton / Winifred Alva / Faylinn – 1340 points

The Band of the Twisted Claw

BardMiranda Manuel Lin – 560 points
MageDragon Wizard Joseph – 1190 points
RogueLars Enny – 40 points
WarriorDarian Solarii – 680 points

The Draco Disciples

BardKhatheri Talsin – 800 points
MageFenn Copperwood – 480 points
RoguePrometheus Ethereus – 1100 points
WarriorMaddy Linn – 130 points

Note: If you have two (or more) characters, please PM us with which character you’d like to prioritize for the championship when we’re scoring.

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