RenQuest™:  Secrets and Lies

2017 Scores and Champions

Players may create as many characters as they desire to play through the paths/classes. A player may only play one character per day. All points earned during that day of play may only be applied to the selected character.
At year’s end, a player may only be named Champion for one path/class combination. The Grand Champion will be determined by total score across all paths/classes.

2017 Grand Champion

Derian Solarii – Traveller Warrior – 1920 points

The Band of the Twisted Claw

Bard – Fiadh – 510 points
MageQuarion – 950 points
RogueCecily Bolton – 1,100 points
WarriorAsch Genovese – 640 points

The Draco Disciples

Bard – Barnabas “Tom” – 1090 points
Mage – Ezikel Bone – 900 points
Rogue – Mary Fairy – 240 points
WarriorDominique de Burgos – 170 points

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