Hoist the Jolly Roger on
Pirate Weekend!

September 9 & 10, 2017

Prepare to be boarded, Matey, as the Shire is overrun with privateers and buccaneers!

Learn to speak and fight like a pirate all weekend. Join the Pirates and compete in the Ultimate Pirates Costume Contest!

Visit the Pirates and Royal Navy all day at the ALL-NEW  Pirates’ Cove & Military Encampment near the Kissing Bridge!

11:00 — Buccaneer’s Reunion at the Maypole

The Pirate Queens meet The Royal Navy’s Admiral and his sea faring soldiers.

12:00 — Battle Ships! at the Chessboard

The battle plays out between our Pirate Champions and Her Majesty’s Royal Navy. Who will wield the Spear of Mac Lir and rule the seven seas?

12:30 — Liar’s Dice at the Pirates’ Cove

How’s yer liar face, Matey?

1:30 — Dance with a Pirate! at the Maypole

1:00 — Pirate Joke Contest at the Peacock Pavillion

Q: Why is pirating so addictive?

A: They say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!

2:30 — Pirates’ Costume Contest at the Pirates’ Cove 

Show us yer booty!

3:00 — Pirates’ Recruitment at the Pirates’ Cove

Will Bilgey the Sea Rat say “It’s the Pirate Life for me?”

3:30 — ShantyFest Sing-a-Long at the Pirates’ Cove

4:00 — Arm Wrestle Like a Pirate (Kids) at the Pirates’ Cove

Give it yer best shot! No hooks allowed!

5:00 — Pirate Tea Time at the Pirates’ Cove

Grab yer beverage of choice and come sit fer a spell, stories of the high sea adventures!

5:30 — Sailor Showoff at the Pirates’ Cove Fight Ring

The Navy gets their chance to show off their fight skills!

5:30 — Trial and Punishment Nautical Justice at the Pageant Wagon

6:00 — Buccaneer’s Farewell at the Queen’s Landing

Our unruly Pirate’s and The Royal Navy set the record straight once and for all!


Learn more about any and all events at the Information Booth!

Costume Contest Guidelines:

No projectiles, all weapons must be peace-tied and meet the New York Renaissance Faire Weaponry Guidelines and Policies. No violence, nudity or profanity on stage. There is no group category, which means all contestants will be judged individually.

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