Special Events & Theme Weekends

There’s always something new in the air at the New York Renaissance Faire!

Check back for news about our 2018 Theme Weekends. Until then, take a look at the themes that delighted visitors in 2017!

September 30 – October 1:
Oktoberfest and Harvest Weekend
Click here for times and locations!

Celebrate the legacy and fun of the traditional European Oktoberfest, with craft beers throughout the Shire, music, dance, games and more!

Join in traditional and unique Harvest games and dances!

August 5 – 6: Opening Weekend

Welcome to the New York Renaissance Faire, Where Fantasy Rules, and Imagination Takes Flight!

‘Tis our 40th Anniversary!
Join us as we celebrate four glorious decades of art, music, dance & theater; extraordinary crafts, irresistible food & drink; camaraderie, creativity and joy!

The Queen with another royal subject. Photo by Edward Liu

August 12 – 13: Kids Admitted Free Weekend

No coupon necessary, ages 12 and under. Throughout the Shire, our Villagers, Nobles, Heroes, Pirates and Faeries are ready to make your child’s day at Faire an unforgettable adventure.

Children’s Costume Contest:
Join us for our Children’s Costume Contest where participants, ages 12 and under, can show off their incredible Renaissance attire. Let your child’s creativity shine!

August 19 – 20: Marketplace Weekend

Receive 2 Complimentary Tickets when you Spend $200 or More!
Guests who spend $200 or more on a single day will receive 2 complimentary tickets to return to the faire this season! Visit the Information Booth for details.

Marketplace Master Craftsman:
In honor of Marketplace Weekend, we invite the guests of the shire to judge our Third Annual Marketplace Master Craftsman Competition! The talented artisans of the shire have entered their finest items for display. It is up to you to decide what item is the most lavish, artistic, and beautiful. To vote, place your ballot in the box in front of the item you wish to select. At the end of the weekend, one artisan will be named “Marketplace Master Craftsman.” Visit the Information Booth for details.

August 26 – 27: Celtic Weekend

Whether you long for the Highlands of Scotland or the green fields of Ireland, you’re invited to break out your favorite kilt, your naughtiest limericks and your most heartfelt toasts. Enjoy Celtic music, games and special events both days!

Join us for the Best Knees in a Kilt Contest, the ALL-NEW Highland Games for the Wee Bairns, the Limerick Showdown and the Big Bad Bodhran Bang!

Photo by Jim Casler

September 2, 3 & 4: Time Travelers Weekend

Get ready for three full days of time-tripping adventure! (Almost) anything goes with special Games, Costume Contests, Themed Combat, Parades and more:

Fantasy Saturday: Immerse yourself in the magic and whimsy of Fantasy Day. Guests are encouraged to appear in your “true” form (be it dragon or fairy!) Transform yourself into the mystical being of your dreams for the day!

Steampunk Sunday: Time to dress in your Sunday best! This day is a celebration of your imagination and Steampunk Style. Whether you enjoy the elegance of the Victorian era, or prefer the unique mechanical technology of the future, let your creativity and exquisite fashion sense shine!

Barbarian Monday: Beware, lest you be recruited to join the Horde! The Barbarians are invading the shire! Listen for the roar of competition as they hold their annual Games of Strength and Endurance!

Guidelines: No projectiles, all weapons must be peace-tied and meet the New York Renaissance Faire Weaponry Guidelines and Policies. No violence, nudity or profanity on stage. There is no group category, which means all contestants will be judged individually.

Check back for more information on exciting NEW events! Be sure to Like us on Facebook for the latest announcements.

September 9 – 10: Pirate Weekend

Prepare to be boarded, Matey, as the Shire is overrun with privateers and buccaneers! Learn to speak and fight like a pirate all weekend. Join the Pirate Treasure Hunt and the Ultimate Pirates Costume Contest!

Shantyfest — Get ready to sing along with classic sea shanties from across the ages. Bring your own verses!

Pirate JokesWhy does it take a Pirate so long to learn the alphabet? Because he spends years at C! If you can do better than THAT, try your luck at our Pirate Joke Contest!

There are too many Nautical activities to list here, so sail over to our Pirate Weekend Page for all the salty details!

September 16 – 17: Romance Weekend
Click here for times and locations.

Celebrate your love — or discover it for the first time! — in one of the most romantic venues in history.

Vow Renewal:
Rekindle and embrace your feelings of love and devotion as you and your partner renew your vows in a magical, romantic ceremony officiated by our Lord Mayor. Bring your loved one and renew your vows. Space is limited.

Poetry Slam:
Embrace your muse and join our Romantic Poetry Slam! Poems may be written in any form or style but may not exceed 25 lines.

Dare the temptations of The Apple Dance! Learn the ancient art of The Wingman. Enter to win Faire tickets at Cupid’s Archery Tournament! Mingle with Faire-minded singles!

Discover the romance in Shakespeare’s works at Streetcorner Shakespeare, the loves of Elizabeth I at the Queen’s Grove, the epic romance of Robin Hood and Maid Marian throughout the Faire, or share a precious moment of your own at our legendary Kissing Bridge.

September 23 – 24: Masquerade Weekend
Click here for details and locations. 

Masquerade Ball:
Immerse yourself in the mystique and elegance of the New York Renaissance Faire’s Second Annual Masquerade Ball! Guests are invited to dance and make merry to live music! Who shall you dance with? The Masquerade will keep your secrets, until you divulge your identity!

Create and Wear your OWN Mask!

Trace onto cardboard or thin plastic and cut out the templates.
Be sure to leave holes to attach string!
Use feathers, sparkle, rhinestones or anything that strikes your fancy.
Bring your finished mask to the Faire!
(Note, You are not required to use these templates, but they can be a starting point.  Let your creativity flow!)
The Mask Making Contest will be held at 3:30 at the Chess Board, right after the Ball!
Photos by Adam Scherer
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