What’s New in Sterling Shire?

Something new and exciting waits around every corner of the Shire of Sterling! New entertainers, artisans and food vendors will be announced as the 2018 season draws near. In the meantime, take a look at some of the new faces we met in 2017!

The Jousters
Cirque du Sewer

The New York Renaissance Faire Celebrates its 42nd Season with New Stages, Shows, Activities and Delights!

2019 marks the 42nd season of the New York Renaissance Faire, located in Tuxedo, New York. The Faire is a rollicking romp through Elizabethan England, set within the Majestic Groves of the Sterling Forest.

Open Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day, August 17 through October 6 from 10 AM to 7 PM. We are located at 600 Rt. 17 A, Tuxedo Park, NY.

Visitors to our Shire will be greeted by new stages, shows, games, rides, culinary delights and much more.

The Jousters are excited to bring their fully-armored, hard-hitting, and wholly unique style of jousting to the New York Renaissance Faire. This is true sport; every lance break and shield shatter achieved is done in an authentic quest for victory!

NEW! Cirque Du Sewer — The world’s only acrobat, rat, and confused cat show! Sterling Shire welcomes Cirque du Sewer this season for unique comedy acrobatics that must be seen to be believed!

The ALL NEW Storybook Stage in the Enchanted Forest give home to the Ragged Tales of Sterling — a wild and unpredictable interactive puppet show for children.

New Adventures Await!

For swashbuckling excitement, witness the ALL-NEW Battleships to see what happens when the mightiest pirates of the age clash with the fiercest pirate hunter in Her Majesty’s Service. On dry land! Join us at the Chessboard for rollicking, tempest-tossed, magical maritime mirth and mayhem!

Fans of epic adventure may follow the All-New Tales of Robin Hood, his love Maid Marian and the Merry Band of Outlaws as they wage their timeless battle against the Sheriff of Nottingham and his army of sword-wielding brutes.

NEW activities abound throughout the Shire. Study naval combat at the new Pirate’s Cove and graceful swordplay at the Queen’s Grove. Hear the ancient tales of the Vikings at the ever-growing Skaldvik.

We welcome these NEW gifted artists and merchants to our ever-growing Marketplace:

The Art of Leslie Casilli Prints and Original Artwork

Blue Ridge Tree Fairies Naturally Crafted Wooden Fairies

Her Royal Majesty’s Gallery of Thrones

We invite you to a realm Where Fantasy Rules, and now you can too! Visit our new Gallery of Thrones for the ultimate photo op experience. Handcrafted with meticulous detail, guests of all ages are invited to sit upon these amazing, larger than life creations.

Gallery of Thrones

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