Faire Location, Directions, Map, and Parking

The actual street address of the Park and the Faire site (not the Faire office) is:
15501 E. Arrow Highway, Irwindale, CA 91706
Do not use for mailing!

Faire Mailing Address:
Renaissance Entertainment Productions
5027 Irwindale Ave, Suite 200
Irwindale, CA 91706


We are East of where the 605 San Gabriel River Freeway and the 210 Foothill Freeway cross.
From the 210 freeway, east of the 605….

  1. Exit the 210 at Irwindale and turn South
  2. Go approx. 1 mile.
  3. Turn Right onto Arrow Hwy (= West)
  4. Go approx. .3 (3/10s) of 1 mile
  5. Turn Right into the Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area park

Approaching the Faire from the 210 Freeway and using the Irwindale exit is the fastest and easiest way to get to the park since all the traffic measures in place are optimized for this route.

Our Faire is located at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, which is at the Irwindale exit off the 210 Freeway, just east of where the 210 and 605 Freeways cross. There will be traffic control measures in place.


Use the Irwindale Stop on the Metro Gold Line! Plan a responsible way home!
Take the Metro into the new Irwindale Station and use Lyft to get to the Faire. Simply download the Lyft app, enter code RenFaire, and first time users will receive a $20 discount on your ride to and/or from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire which will more than cover the cost of taking Lyft to the Faire from the station. And, you will be delivered to the VIP (Pekham) gate for easy passage into the Faire!


Foothill Transit Line 492 serves the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area. The closest stop to the entrance of the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area is at Arrow Highway and Azusa Canyon Rd. It is approximately one mile from the stop to the park entrance, and the Faire is located one half-mile inside the park.
Bus fares for Line 492 are $1.25 for adults, and $0.50 for Seniors and Disabled citizens. Line 492 departs eastbound from El Monte Station every 30 minutes on the weekends, with the last westbound bus departing from the Arrow Highway and Azusa Canyon Rd at 6:58 pm. For more information or to plan your trip, please visit http://www.foothilltransit.org/TripPlanner/

 Access and Parking

Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area charges a $10.00 entry fee per visit. ($14 for RVs, $16 for limousines, and $30 for busses.) CASH ONLY.

Santa Fe Dam retains all fees for access.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire has no control over access pricing.

A Park attendant will collect your access fee. CASH ONLY.

General Parking

There is no additional charge for that on top of what the Dam requires. General parking is estimated anywhere from 300 to 2500 feet away from the front gate.

Valet Service

For Valet Service, once into the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area heading towards the faire, stay in the right lane and turn on your hazard lights to utilize the Valet Service. CASH ONLY.
The drop off and pick up point will be about 100 feet from the front gate.

A Valet attendant will meet you, give you a claim ticket and park your car. When you return, after having had a fun and exciting day at the faire, you will give your claim ticket back to an attendant and your car will be brought around.

If you wish to use this Valet service to park your vehicle, you will need to pay the $10.00 Park entrance fee and then the $20 Valet Service at the faire. CASH ONLY.

Limited valet space available but it’s available every Saturday and Sunday, for the entire run.

Valet service can only be purchased at the Faire, on day of arrival. CASH ONLY.