Apply to sell at the 2020 Faire
General Criteria for Participation

~ Each vendor will create a booth or cart typical of the period. Booth building guidelines are available.
~ All new vendors and new workers are required to attend three basic workshops provided by the Faire. The workshops will include Orientation, Costuming, and Elizabethan Language.
~ All vendors and their employees/volunteers are required to wear costumes appropriate to guidelines of 16th century England. Costuming information is available upon request or here: Costumes may be purchased pre-Faire from our community of Faire clothiers, or vendors may sew or buy their own garments.

Please submit the below application with photos or drawings of your booth design (see Booth Design below) and photos of your product (please do NOT send actual samples!) to: -or-

Renaissance Entertainment Productions, Attn: Marketplace
5027 Irwindale Avenue, Suite 200
Irwindale, CA 91706

By December 1, 2019.

Booth Design – Applicants should send detailed sketches of the booth design, to include measurements. The rendering of the booth must include frontal and side views, as well as roofline treatments. It is also recommended that you provide space requirements/requests for the back of the booth.

Crafts – It is the intention of the Faire to have the best handmade crafts, artisans and merchants. All items to be displayed and sold must receive the approval of our Jury Committee. Photos (either actual or digital) or drawings should be sent to the above noted address. All work must be handcrafted by you, and of your own design. Any items or portions not of your design or work should be noted. Crafts should complement and blend with our 16th century theme. Please note that any photos or drawings will be kept on file and will not be returned.

Games, Rides & Activities – Presentation and context of your game, ride or activity should relate to the 16th century in a manner that evokes the theme of our event. Games should be exciting and most of all, FUN! Please describe your ride, game or activity in detail. Feel free to attach sketches. We prefer it.

Upon Acceptance – Attendance at a one-day stakeout session is mandatory for all new vendors. Important event information will be provided and you will be shown your booth space. Plan to spend the day! Stakeout is typically one month prior to Opening Day. If accepted, notification will be sent in December.

Fees & Payment Schedule – Upon notice of acceptance, a $400 registration fee will be due. Fees are based upon a percentage of gross sales (excluding tax). A non-refundable pre-payment deposit of $900 will be due February 1, which will be applied towards your fees based on your weekly sales. The minimum fee to participate in the Faire is $1,300 (registration + deposit). Sales and subsequent fees are to be reported and paid weekly during the run of the Faire.


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