Food, Desserts & Drinks

Fruit Ices

We’ve taken fresh pineapples, coconuts, oranges, lemons, peaches, strawberries, and mangos, removed the fruit inside and refilled the shell with our gourmet sorbet. This unique presentation is not only sumptuous, but is the perfect centerpiece for your own creative garnish. Our all natural sorbet is fat free*, cholesterol and dairy free, and low calorie. They are an excellent light dessert alternative. (gluten free, dairy free, vegan)

Delicious Dishes at The Quail Inn

Bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers, Scotch Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy

Fresh Artichokes – steamed in 16 different herbs and spices served with melted butter, mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce (veg)

Deep Fried Artichokes – stuffed with goat cheese and rolled in bread crumbs and served with hollandaise sauce for dipping (veg)
Spinach & Artichoke Dip – served over corn tortilla chips (veg)
Balsamic Salmon on a Bun – wild salmon grilled to perfection served on a roll with our house dressing and a crisp green salad

Cheese Fritters – hand dipped batter laced with cheese and herbs deep fried and drizzled with BBQ sauce (veg)

Jumbo Chicken Quarter – seasoned and broiled to a tender finish
Broiled Leg of Duck – seasoned and broiled to a buttery finish
Whole, partially de-boned Quail – seasoned and broiled
Chicken Breast stuffed with Cheese and Spinach
Sweet Peach Fritters – hand dipped batter bursting with the flavor of peaches and cinnamon drizzled with melba a raspberry sauce (veg)
Cream of Spinach – A savory delight made from scratch (veg)

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Bowl with Whipped Cream & Chocolate Sauce (gluten free, veg)
Root Beer Floats (gluten free, veg)
Waffle Cones with Ice Cream (veg)
Mocha Floats (gluten free, veg)
Pound Cake a la mode with or without strawberries


Greek Meatball Pita
Gyros – Grilled seasoned beef and lamb in a pita with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce
Chicken Pita – Marinated grilled chicken in a pita with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce
Athenian Pita – Lettuce, onions, tomatoes, kidney and garbanzo beans, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce in a pita (veg)
Falafel Pita – Falafel patties in a pita with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce (veg)
Dolmas – Rice wrapped in Grape leaves, served with half pita (gluten free, veg)
Greek Salad – Romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, kalamatta olives, kidney and garbanzo beans, feta cheese and vinaigrette (gluten free, veg)
Spanakopitas – Spinach, feta cheese, onions and spices baked in buttery filo (veg)
Baklava – Baked buttery layers of filo filled with cinnamon spiced walnuts, then drenched in a honey syrup (veg)
Greek Tea – Our own blend of black tea and spices, lightly sweetened and served over ice (gluten free, vegan)

Sausage, Bread, and Cheese

Sausage on a Roll: Hearty Homemade Bread, Succulent Sausage and rich Cheddar Cheese
Smoothies: Strawberry-Banana, Mixed Fruit
Iced Tea, Mocha Freeze, Frozen Lemonade, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Milk

Turkey Legs

Turkey Legs: We scour the realm for the finest Turkey Legs around. Large, tender, tasty and succulent our Turkey Legs are prepared fresh everyday – all day – cooked to their juiciest peek of perfection. It is little wonder that this is the most popular food item in the Faire.
Beef Ribs: Hearty portions of beef, cooked fresh all day and smothered in our special sauce. For those BEEF EATERS looking for perfection, you have found the spot.
We secure only the highest quality Chicken, a plentiful quarter grilled to a golden brown, smothered in our finest sauce and presented to you for your pleasure.
Cob Corn: Fresh Roasted Cobs Of Corn, straight off the farm, butter dipped and served hot and tasty. Add your favorite toppings “As You Like It.” (vegan without butter)
Pork Chop on a stick: We select a fyne meaty Pork Chop, grill it to perfection, basting constantly to seal in the rich flavors and moisture. It’s lanced with a stick so that you can savor it as you travel.
Pork Ribs: Slow cooked to tender perfection these ribs are basted with a special sauce for that finger lickin’ good experience.

Tri-Tip Sandwiches

Smoked Pulled-Pork Sandwich – All of our meats are freshly smoked daily!
Tri Tip Chili
Tri Tip Sandwiches

Brats & Bangers

German Bratwurst
British Banger
Spicy Hot Link and more
(choice of toppings: onions, sauerkraut, relish, mustard or ketchup)

Steak on a Stake

Apple Juice
Cream puffs – A light pastry shell filled with fresh vanilla cream sprinkled with powdered sugar. Make them even more heavenly and add nutella and chocolate. (veg)
Curly fries –
We start by using only the finest Kennebec potatoes available and hand slice them. We then deep fry them in pure canola oil. (gluten free, vegan)

Steak sandwiches – Hand sliced, wet aged, choice beef seasoned in our mouth-watering secret marinade consisting of distinct flavors of garlic and fresh ginger. Grilled to perfection and served on a demi roll with your choices of grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese sauce.

Steak on a Stake – We use our same juicy aged beef, skewer and grill it. The perfect snack for a stroll throughout the shire.

Willow’s Fare

Apple Juice

Baked potatoes – Piping hot baked potatoes loaded with your choice of toppings…cheese sauce, beef stew, mushroom sauce, steamed broccoli, sour cream and bacon bits just to name a few. Order the royal potato with a medley of everything delicious for the Noblest of palates. (gluten free, veg)

French Crepes – Choose from delectable fresh fruit, nutella or both (for the more adventurous) nestled into a light crepe and topped with whipped cream and chocolate. Or try the more savory, homemade spinach Florentine crepe garnished with sour cream and Parmesan cheese. (veg)

Italian Pizza Pyes – Our plum tomato and basil sauce is spread over a supreme crust and topped with pure mozzarella cheese. We then bake them at 450+ degrees for a splendidly crispy slice. (veg)
Pastrami Sandwich – Perfectly seasoned, juicy pastrami piled high on a demi roll accompanied with dill pickle chips.

Fresh Cut Potato Chips – Starting with the finest of Kennebec potatoes which are then thinly sliced and deep fried in pure canola oil. Make them a meal fit for a king (or queen) and load them high with cheese, sour cream, chives and bacon bits! (gluten free, vegan)

Pulled Pork Sandwich – Tender BBQ’d pork served on a sesame seed Kaiser roll. Top it with cheese to seal the deal.

Cold Roast Beef Sandwich – We season our beef with a myriad of spices and stack it upon a sesame Kaiser roll.

Soup in a Bread Bowl – The heartiest of fare. A fresh sour dough round hollowed out and filled with one of our many scrumptious soups. Broccoli & cheddar, beef stew or clam chowder. If those don’t temp your appetite be sure and check for our soup du jour. (veg)

Fish & Chips

Ceviche: tilapia, shrimp, tomatoes, cucumbers, coconut, citrus;
++Lomi Lomi salmon: onion, tomato, soy, citrus;
++Tuna Poke: Ahi tuna, onion, soy sesame, oyster sauce;
++Kinilaw halibut: serrano, jalapeno, citrus;

Sashimi: Sake salmon, shoyu, wasabi;
Hamachi Yellowtail, shoyu, lemon, wasabi;
Maguro: Ahi tuna, shoyu, wasabi;

Rolls: Princess-tempura shrimp, crab, salmon, avocado, unagi sauce, tobiko;
Captain-tempura shrimp, crab, avocado, Ahi tuna, red and white sauces, green onion;
Volcano-spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, Hamachi, avocado, spicy sauce, unagi sauce

Fish & Chips: Battered fish fried to a golden crisp.
Oysters & Chips: Fresh shucked oysters battered and fried
Calamari & Chips: breaded rings of calamari lightly fried
Shrimp & Chips: Large, fresh shrimp battered and fried
Lobster Bisque
Oyster Sliders: Oyster sautéed in garlic, butter, white wine, parsley on a baguette size garlic toast
Oyster Shooters: Hold the bread, eat the oyster! These are the very same top-quality oysters we use in our fried oysters… but in the raw served with Champagne Vinaigrette!

St Cuthbert’s Tea with the Queen

Reservations Required~ For details, CLICK HERE

Adult Menu:
Black Tea: Hot or Iced
Tea Sandwiches: Salmon & Cream Cheese, Cucumber & Cream Cheese, Watercress & Cream Cheese, Egg Mayonnaise
Mini Tarts Trio – Cherry, Lemon, Chocolate/Vanilla
Includes a Commemorative Teapot


Child Menu:
Tea or Apple Juice
½ Sandwich: Cream Cheese & Jam, Peanut Butter & Jam or Honey
Includes a Commemorative Charm. Children must be accompanied by an Adult.

Gluten free options available upon request.

Culinary Delights Outside the Food Court

Jazla’s Coffee House

Coffee (Iced & Hot)
Hibiscus Cooler
Hot & Iced Tea
Iced Mocha

The Welsh Baker

What’s a Welsh Cake? Only the most delicious Celtic treat you’ve never heard of!
Hand griddled like a pancake, but made from a dough not a batter – Welsh cakes combine all the best elements of a Scone, a Cookie and Pancake. You can eat them right from the package or take them home and warm them up to accompany a spot of tea or coffee… add butter, jam, clotted cream or lemon curd and you’re ready for your own delicious Celtic Experience! We offer Free Samples and if you Like our Facebook page or join our email list, you’ll get the special “FAN PRICE” at the faire too!

The Apple Tree

Caramel Apple Dippers (veg) Sliced Gala or Granny Smith apples with Caramel and your choice of Toppings. Great for sharing! All fruit and caramel are gluten free. Some toppings, including Oreo Cookie Bits and Graham Crackers, contain gluten.
Fresh Fruit (vegan) Whole Fresh Fruit “TO GO” from our carts:  Strawberries, Grapes, Oranges, Whole Apples (selection varies depending on availability).
Lemon Stick! Meyer Lemon with Peppermint Candy straw
Fresh Blended Smoothies
The Original Apple-Atto – red or green apple slices, apple cider, flavored syrup, caramel, ice
Nana-Berry – banana, strawberry, almond milk (or apple cider), dates, ice
Very Berry – strawberries, blueberries, almond milk (or apple cider), dates, ice
Tropical Pineapple-Atto – pineapple, sweetened condensed coconut milk, coconut milk (can be substituted with apple cider), lime juice, mint leaves, salt
ADDITIONS: Chia Seeds, Goji Berry, Hemp Protein

Heritage Meat Pies

Mac & Cheese Pie: chili spice blend 5 Cheese Mac, Asiago, Fontina, Provolone, Parmesan & Tillamook Cheddar.
Chili Verde Chicken Pie: Breast of Chicken marinated in a green chili spice blend, cooked with corn, black beans, potato, poblano peppers with a corn masa top.
Steak & Mushroom Pie
Scottish Pies
Chicken Pies
Shepherd Pies
Cottage Pies
Curried Lamb Pie
Sausage Rolls

Café Lafitte

French Beignets (veg)
Beignets with Fruit Topping (veg)
Fried Frog Legs with Red Beans and Rice
Andouille Sausage with Red Beans and Rice
Red Beans and Rice (veg)
Bread pudding (veg)
Chicory Coffee (veg)
Organic Milk (veg)
Organic Chocolate Milk (veg)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Chocolate covered Bacon (gluten free)
Bacon Berries
Candied Bacon


Cupcakes: Chocolate/Chocolate, Chocolate/Oreo, Chocolate/Cream Cheese, Vanilla, Lemon/Cream Cheese, Red Velvet/Cream Cheese, Cupcake of the Week (C.O.W.)
Brownies: Chocolate Chip Brownies, Blondies

Jazla’s Coffee House – East

Coffee (Iced & Hot)
Hibiscus Cooler
Hot & Iced Tea
Iced Mocha

Taste of Spain

Tamales: Beef, Chicken, Green Chili & Corn

Scoops On Tap

Super premium locally sourced ice cream We produce a variety of delicious handcrafted flavors of ice cream. Some of our ice creams are even infused with craft beer. The beer-infused ice creams are not alcoholic and are made with all locally sourced craft beer from breweries in the LA, OC, and San Diego area. We have vegan sorbets and vegan ice creams. Ice creams that are fun, family-friendly, and totally delicious.

Sweet Tymes

Brownies (veg)
Cookies – Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Rasin, White Chocolate Macadamia & Gingerbread (veg)
Pickles (vegan)

Pretzel Carts

Jerky Carts

Crown & Anchor
Just inside the gate

Guinness, Newcastle, Peach Cider, Stella, Red Hook IPA

16oz. Bud Light, Merlot, Chardonnay

Sweet Mead, Raspberry Mead, Chocolate Port

Royal Oak
Across from the Golden Jubilee Stage

Guinness, Harp, Bass, Newcastle, Stella, Bass, Goose Island Green Line, Hoegaarden, Pear Cider

Merlot, Chardonnay, Sweet Mead, Raspberry Mead, Chocolate Port

The White Hart Inn
By Maybower Commonse

Guinness, Harp, Bass, Newcastle, Stella, Red Hook, Hoegaarden

Pear Cider, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sweet Mead, Blackberry Mead, Chocolate Port

The Cat & Fiddle
Inside the Food Court

Guinness, Harp, Bass, Newcastle, Stella, Bud Light, Hoegaarden, Apple Cider, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sweet Mead, Raspberry Mead, Chocolate Port, Mimosa

The Cuckoo’s Nest
By Rogues Reef Stage

Guinness, Harp, Bass, Newcastle, Stella, Goose Island IPA, Red Hook IPA, Peach Cherry Cider

Merlot, Chardonnay, Sweet Mead, Raspberry Mead, Chocolate Port, Sangria

The Bilge
Inside Rogues Reef

Pineapple Sculpin, Calm Before the Storm, Not Your Father’s Root Beer, Illusive Traveler Grapefruit, Idiot IPA, Left Coast Voodoo

End of The World
By the Joust Arena

Guinness, Harp, Bass, Newcastle, Red Hook IPA, Raspberry Cider, Bud Light

Merlot, Chardonnay, Sweet Mead, Raspberry Mead, Chocolate Port

La Oubliette
By the Fools Stage

Guinness, Stella, Newcastle, Red Hook IPA, Hoegaarden, Peach Cider, Black Cherry Cider, Apricot Cider, Raspberry Cider

16 oz Bud Light, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sweet Mead, Raspberry Mead, Chocolate Port

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