KidsQuest2014KidsQuest – Offering TWO fun Pirate-themed adventures for kids ages 5-10!
KidsQuest is an interactive adventure for kids ages 5-10 that takes them on a “little-legs-conscious” tour of our faire site, meeting fun pirates and townsfolk – all while solving a mystery! KidsQuest teaches kids critical thinking skills and observation, as well as forwarding messages like sharing, teamwork, and kindness while having fun and adventure! Kids thwart the evil villain Snifflewort, and at the end of every adventure they’re allowed to have a piece of pirate treasure from the KidsQuest treasure box for their very own!
Note: Parents are required to come along on the Quest, as anything else could be construed as child-thievin’ and we’re full up on cabin boys and girls at the moment. Runs approximately 30 minutes; times vary. Check your stage schedule (available online and at our front gates) for show times and locales. Each quest is $5 per child.
KidsQuest Adventure #1 – The Quest for the Blue Sapphire – Players help Captain (in training) Scarlett Seaworthy, her “little” brother One-Eyed Will Seaworthy, her faithful parrot Squawks, and the rest of her crew find the mystical Blue Sapphire and the rest of her treasure before the evil, no-good Wizard Snifflewort does! Are you mates up to the challenge? Come aboard to sail with us and see!
KidsQuest Adventure #2 – Follow the Map! – Captain Scarlett has a mysterious map that she has had since she was a very little girl. She knows it is from the town of Port Deptford and is excited to see where it leads her. But Snifflewort is lurking about to try and stop her and find the treasure for himself! Can you mates help Captain Scarlett and her friends get to the X that marks the spot before Snifflewort? Sail with us on this adventure and see!

Getting Started with Kids Quest

  • Tickets are $5 per child. Purchase your ticket at the first Information Booth, located just inside the Front Gate.
  • All KidsQuest shows begin near the Petting Zoo. Check your map for the precise location. (Maps are available at the Information Booths for a mere $1.)
  • KidsQuest shows take approximately 30 minutes, start to finish.
  • Parents are REQUIRED to follow along and monitor their child. (We aren’t in the business of kidnapping. Apparently that’s frowned upon in Deptford.)
  • KidsQuest participants all receive a small piece of treasure from the KidsQuest treasure chest. This is included in the ticket price.
  • KidsQuest adventures all end in Kid’s Kingdom – where there’s LOTS of fun FREE things for your kids to enjoy!
  • Start times vary, please see your show schedule (available at the front gate, all information booths, and posted at every stage
    location) for details.
  • ASL interpreter available for all shows.
  • Be prepared to have the MOST FUN EVER. Because piracy is fun for ALL AGES!

TweenQuest – Totally new for 2016! – A Pirate’s Life for Me
Now kids aged 10 – 15 can get in on the fun without exhausting Mom and Dad, as well as tour the entire city of Deptford! TweenQuest is a self-guided hunt for Grace O’Malley’s lost treasure map that allows kids and their families to see all that our faire has to offer while still interacting with our townsfolk and having a pirate adventure! You determine your pace! Kids use logical reasoning to decipher clues and follow them to various locations throughout the faire site, where they will interact with our townsfolk in a variety of ways, from learning Elizabethan traditions, to practicing improvisational theatrical skills, to discovering arts and crafts of the time! TweenQuest will encourage your child to immerse him or herself into the vast and rich world we’ve created and invites them to play along and be part of the town! $7; self-guided, runs all day. Purchase your ticket at the first Information Booth, located just inside the Front Gate.

RenQuest – A new adventure for 2016! – Grace Demands Justice!
RenQuest is an interactive adventure for ages 16 and up that takes them on a whirlwind adventure through the town of Port Deptford deciphering clues, meeting fun and quirky townsfolk, performing brave (and sometimes funny) tasks, all while trying to avoid Deptford’s villains – the Constabulary! RenQuest is a day-long adventure that will take you to literally every corner of our beloved town – but it’s all in a day’s work for a member of our crew! RenQuest runs in two acts, the first of which must be completed before continuing on to the second. By day’s end you’ll be a successful pirate and feel like a genuine member of our town! RenQuest players use logical reasoning to solve puzzles and play games, as well as improvisational skills to develop their character’s life and times during their day in Deptford. Players also interact with our incredible faire townsfolk in a way that is unique – acting as part of the story, not just a bystander to it! Live the adventure! Play RenQuest today! $10; Act one ends at 1PM, Act two plays until 4PM; tickets available at the Information booth near the front gates!

Getting Started with RenQuest

  • Purchase your day of play at the first Information Booth, located just inside the Front Gate.
  • You will receive your RenQuest™ Affiliation Badge. Badges identify RenQuest™ players to folks at the Faire and need to be worn whenever you are on a quest. Replacements for lost badges are $2.00
  • Receive your Adventurer’s Passport. You will keep your Adventurer’s Passport. Replacements for lost passports are $5.00.
  • Receive and sign your Code Of Conduct and Player Contact Information
  • Find Captain Grace O’Malley to begin your quest.
  • Receive your first quest and let the Adventure Begin!

Every person who attempts RenQuest is entered into a drawing for a FREE TICKET back to faire this season! This drawing is done at the end of the day after the final scene of the quest. You must be present to complete the Quest and to win!

Join RenQuest™, and let thy adventure begin!