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button: Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Irwindale, CA, spring
button: Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha WI, summer
button: New York Renaissance Faire, Tuxedo Park, NY, fall
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pirate woman
jewelry merchant
knight on horseback
man with sword and shield
2 pointing knights
NY: Cheering dancer
knight Sir Maxx on horse
pirate couple
renaissance woman
woman and children on dragon swing
ladies in armor
glass turtle
butterfly fairy
RPF: belly dancers
RPF: woman with bubbles
renaissance couple
two knights
woman with baby
children battle charge
knight Sir Mauldron on horse
RPF: Steampunk woman with wings
boy scouts
banner: Renaissance Festival Winners 2018

Renaissance Faire Reviews

“I go to this renaissance faire every year and it’s never a disappointment! All the actors do an amazing job of staying in character and it’s fun for all ages!” – Sophia Lind, 5 stars

“My first time going & I LOVED IT! The people were so friendly, the costumes were beautiful & the shows amazing!!!!” – Jen Schonscheck, 5 stars

“I had more fun here than at Disneyland or Disneyworld–for a far lower price and no 1-hour wait for anything. It’s a pleasure to be entertained by real people–costumed performers and guests alike, musicians, singers, and actors–who are courteous, engaging, and funny. I’ll take that any day over phony silent mascots. A fun experience of life before smartphones, television, and video games. Huzzah to the faire!” – Carolynne Paul, 5 stars

“We always have a wonderful time here. Great food, great shows, fun for all ages.” – Jonathan Walton, 5 stars

“💙 I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! 💜 This was the first time that I was ever here. I CAN’T WAIT to go back again!!! I wish that I could afford to go every weekend. I didn’t get to see any more than 25% of it because I had to stop and look in almost every shop. Everything is so beautifully made and each one is unique. I am VERY EXCITED to go back, I really can’t wait!” – Heather Sanborn, 5 stars

“We’ve been going for decades. It only gets better. Feels like being inside a play as one of the players. Wear costumes for the full immersion experience. There are always stage acts and roaming entertainment. Don’t miss the jousting! And there is so much food at affordable prices that you might have trouble deciding what to eat next.” – Jonni Rose Lukenbill-Bowles, 5 stars

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