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Bristol Renaissance Faire

Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day
July 10 thru Sept. 6, 2021
Off I-94 at the Illinois/Wisconsin border · Ph: 847-395-7773

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Bristol Renaissance Faire Reviews

Been here a handful of times, it is something everyone should experience! Whether you like dressing up, shows, shopping, interesting food, being outdoors, or people watching, you’ll love it! Definitely check out the joust, they’re the highlight of the day! Went a few weeks ago and am planning to come again in a few days! I ordered a costume off the internet so I can dress up for the first time and am so excited! I’m hooked! – Hollz, 5 stars

It was my first time at the Renaissance Faire and I was skeptical initially. My boyfriend wanted to go so I went along with him but was not super stoked about it. Well, I had to admit I was wrong because I had a great time. The shows were good and very entertaining. The food was good and the drinks were cold. Overall, it was a great experience and worth the trip. I’d recommend it to anyone! – Laura H, 5 stars

We have been attending the Faire for over a decade…love the improvements they have made over the years like flushable privies, more seating, and a variety of food and acts to keep us coming back for more!! The citizens of Bristol are kind, and we love to “play along” with them!! Although the crowds can be daunting at times, if you know that going in, you expect it and plan for it!! We LOVE Moonie and Barely Balanced!! Love to shop and delight in the trinkets and baubles we find each year!! Thank you for another wonderful day! – Alyson D, 5 stars

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