2015 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to All!

All photos will be displayed on our social sites using the tag #brfdaily. Here are your champions!

GRAND PRIZE: Serendipity by Linda Whitehouse
(click photos for larger versions)

HONORABLE MENTION: Rifle Firing Demo by Kevin McIntosh

HONORABLE MENTION: Pensive Princess by Debbie Johnson

HONORABLE MENTION: Eyecatching by Jim Frazier

Category: Living History

FIRST PLACE: Pot Luck by Barbara Jarka
Entertainment: Guild of St Lawrence living history
HONORABLE MENTION: Real hard work traveling back in time by Marcos Talavera
FIRST PLACE: Steampunk by Brian Schultz
HONORABLE MENTION: The Sunflower and the Hummingbird by Christopher Savini
HONORABLE MENTION: Fantastikal eskimo kisses by Brent H Price
HONORABLE MENTION: God-daughter's First Faire by Vicky Harris
HONORABLE MENTION: Fantastikal upside down by Chuck Bennorth

Category: Selfie

FIRST PLACE: Gathering for the Drum Jam by Lady Ann Beck
HONORABLE MENTION: Selfie-Pod to the Rescue by Thomas Panfil

Category: Your Bristol (aka – what makes Bristol special for you)

FIRST PLACE: Wonderment by Brent Price
HONORABLE MENTION: Knights being Knights by Robert Hawthorne
HONORABLE MENTION: Ice Bucket Challenge by Bryon Landerman
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