Adult Shenanigans at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

 In Adults
pirate ladies with mugsEnjoy the following child-free events at the Faire!
  • Enjoy a drink in the air-conditioned Treasure Chest located between the Three Sheets pub and the Kraken Stage. Lord and Lady Luck are alive and well inside our gaming room!
  • Pull up a seat at the following shows: Ded Bob Sho (PG-13), Sturdy Beggars Mud Show (PG-13), Tortuga Twins (PG-13), Iris & Rose (R), Menage A Moi (R)
  • Sample more than 20 beverages on tap, or enjoy a mixed drink at our 13 different pubs. Don’t miss our drink of the week!
  • Relax with a pipe at Danny Boy Pipes, or a cigar at the cigar cart located near the Joust Pub. Additional smoking areas are located at Three Sheets Tavern, Town Square Public House, Tuscany Tavern, Joust Pub, and the Friends of Faire Garden (for members only)
  • Combine your drink and dessert with our new alcoholic Fairy Fluff located at Steak on a Stake across from the Midsummer Stage.
  • Take a tour with the legendary Pub Crawl – rated R, no children under 21 permitted.
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