Adult Shenanigans at the Bristol Renaissance Faire

 In Adults
pirate ladies with mugsEnjoy the following child-free events at the Faire!
  • Pull up a seat at the following shows: Ded Bob Sho (PG-13), Sturdy Beggars Mud Show (PG-13), Tortuga Twins (PG-13), Rose & Thorny (R), Menage A Moi (R)
  • Sample more than 20 beverages on tap, or enjoy a mixed drink at our 13 different pubs. Don’t miss our drink of the week!
  • Relax with a pipe at Danny Boy Pipes, or a cigar at the cigar cart located near the Joust Pub. Additional smoking areas are located at Three Sheets Tavern, Town Square Public House, Tuscany Tavern, and Joust Pub.
  • Combine your drink and dessert with our new alcoholic Fairy Fluff located at Steak on a Stake across from the Midsummer Stage.
  • Take a tour with the legendary Pub Crawl – rated R, no children under 21 permitted.
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