Feedback from our fans is what continues to make the Bristol Renaissance Faire one of the top shows in the nation. Thank you for taking the time to write to us!

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Bristol Renaissance Faire reviews

This is an amazing Faire. It is truly unlike any other experience, even separate from an amusement park. The location and decoration force you to immerse yourself into the time period. The staff takes their job seriously. And, the many crowd members dress up too, to a point that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate who is who! – Connor J

It was an awesome experience for my family and me. We enjoyed all of the shows. We took such lovely pictures. The costumes staff were wearing were well-elaborated and beautiful. Everyone was very friendly in several of the gift shops we visited. There are plenty of activities for children. I highly recommend it. – Luz Z

Don’t we all have enough stress in this ever-changing and turbulent world? Well, you have a fantasy escape waiting for you at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. A great opportunity to lose yourself in an array of colorful costumes, very talented artists, wonderful live music, stories, and a big turkey leg! And don’t forget the Jousting. You may run into a Queen and other royals. – David G

This was my first Faire and the greatest part were the people working at it. Everyone always seemed to be lively and truly enjoyed what they were doing, so it really brought the experience to life. I can definitely say that the people I met, among many other great things, make me want to come back next year! – Taylor W

The faire is magical. I go at least twice every year. I find so many unusual things to buy that you can’t get anywhere else. Plenty of places to sit and shade trees. You can walk around not bumping into people. I’m so at peace there imagining a different era of life with people dressed in costumes worn during that time period. It takes you back to a different time away from present-day life.
The drum jam is amazing and the perfect way to end the day. A great place for the whole family as there is so much to do and activities for children. I highly recommend going to the faire for a different experience. – Tanya A

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