Directions to the Bristol Renaissance Faire

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Feel free to call the Faire office at 847-395-7773 if you have any questions.

Address: 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53142
Phone: 847-395-7773

Ride: Voyage to the New World

Approximate Travel Times:
Milwaukee: 30 Min., Chicago: 50 min., Madison: 2 hr. 15 min.

There is no public transportation to the Faire. There are no shuttles, buses, trains, etc. However, we are within the Uber and Lyft service areas.

Coming from the south? Get the latest construction & traffic report from Lake County, IL here!

NOTE: If your GPS directs you to 116th Street disregard that route. You will be unable to turn onto Frontage Road to access the Faire. Please take Highway 165 instead of 116th Street.

GOOGLE MAPS: Click the Map image below to see our location.

Or see a different map at Google itself. Bristol via Google Maps
See traffic on the I-94 tollway too!


From the North:

Traveling south on I-94, take exit # 347 onto Highway 165 which is also called Lakeside Parkway. This exit is past (south) of both Highway 50 and County C.
Head west on Highway 165 a very short distance & take the first left onto the west Frontage Road going south about 2 miles. You will see our grain silo, painted with our logo. There is a red barn with a metal roof on the right. Enter the parking lot using the second driveway beyond the barn.

From the South:

Traveling north on I-94, exit to the right at Russell Road. Turn left (west) onto Russell Rd. Cross over I-94 and go to the first stop sign at Frontage Rd. and on the west side of I-94.
Turn right (north) onto Frontage Rd., (which is a divided road here) and go past 128th St. (WG and/or State Line Rd.) Where the split road becomes one (1/4 mile) there is a driveway. Turn left up the drive to the Faire parking lot.

From the West:

US45 runs north & south and is intersected by WG about 6 miles west of the Faire. WG is also called 128th Street or State Line Road. Travel on WG east to Frontage Rd. Turn left (N) and go to the parking lot. Do NOT use 116th Street as you will be unable to turn onto the Frontage Rd. If your GPS directs you to 116th Street please disregard that route.


Bristol offers three different parking lots: a VIP parking lot where spaces must be purchased in advance, a preferred parking lot near the front gate for $10 (cash only), and a general parking lot to the far north side of the faire (entrance off the frontage road only) for $5. Both lots are mowed grass fields. There is accessible parking available in the preferred parking lot. The general parking lot is first-come-first-served.

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