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Language Guide – Play Along With Us!

Many Faire activities invite you to become more than a spectator. But there are other ways to feel like you are one of the merry-making revelers.

First and foremost–dress the part. The easiest and quickest way to enter the world of the Renaissance Faire is to come in costume, whether as an elegant courtier, rebellious outlaw or lusty wench.

Costumes may be made, purchased, or simply assembled–tights, a belted shirt, hat and boots for a squire, two skirts, blouse and waist-cincher for his damsel.
See our Costuming Guide for more information!

Once dressed appropriately, thou mightst also converse in the tongue of the Realm, for thy pleasure and edification or, to put it simply, learn some Renaissance words and phrases so you can speak like a 16th century native.

Good morning.   =   Good morrow.
Good afternoon.   =   Good day.
I’ll see you later.   =   I shall see you anon.
How are you?   =   How now?
Please…   =   Prithee or Pray…
Thank you.   =   Grammercy.
Hello, nice to see you!   =   Hail and well met!
What time is it?   =   How stands the hour?
Where are the restrooms?   =   Whither be the privies?
What is your name?   =   What be thy tide?
Please wait on me!   =   Prithee, attend me!
I’m thirsty.   =   I be parched.
Goodbye, I gotta go!   =   Fare thee well; I must away!

Learn to address the villages and members of the royal court by their correct titles, but remember to be extremely respectful of the Queen:

The Queen   =   Your Majesty
Court Ladies   =   My Lady, Good Madam
Archbishop   =   Your Grace
Court men   =   My Lord, Good Sir
Good Sir   =   Prithee or Pray…
Villagers   =   Good mistress, my good woman, good master

And, finally, immerse yourself in the Renaissance Faire experience by eating foods of the period–with your fingers–make toasts to her Majesty’s health as you quaff an ale, and end the day cheering loudly for the knight of your choice at the Joust. Remember, the more you participate, the more fun you’ll have!

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