Marketplace 2019

The Bristol Renaissance Faire features over 125 talented artisans who display and sell their unique handcrafted wares. The village marketplace is sure to appeal to everyone. Watch as the ancient skills of glassblowing, leatherworking, blacksmithing, and pottery throwing are displayed. Shop for one-of-a-kind crafts for yourself and your home. Thrill in foreseeing your future! Children will delight in having their faces painted, their hair braided or finding a new toy.

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HD Historic Demonstrations
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The Royal Swordsmith Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Steve Cowan
The Royal Swordsmith
858 The Royal Mews
Stage Combat Approved Swords & Axes

Arms and Armor Square Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Craig Johnson & Christopher Poor ~ HD
Arms & Armor
440 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Fine Armor and Weapons

Sabersmith Weaponry: beyond battle ready

Tim Lawler
Sabersmith – Beyond Battleready
130 Guild Hall Row, N
Battleready Handcrafted Weaponry

Marketplace Artisan Merchant Vendor: Mayhawke Armoury weapons sword

Paul Schneider
Mayhawke Armory
33 Farnham Way, W
Historic Replica Swords and Daggers


Stoneworks by Filigree Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Mike Fanizza
Stoneworks by Filigree
133 Guild Hall Row, S
Distinctive Stone Art for Home & Garden

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Josie Rodriguez
221 High Street, W
Lords & Ladies Drawn Out Loud


Sahara Mist Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Hatem Abusoud
Sahara Mist
668 Farnham Way, E
Exotic perfumes, Essential oils and Traditional incense

Salt of the Earth Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Anne W. Beeson
Salt of the Earth
633 Farnham Way, W
Handmade Bath & Body Indulgences

Wicks & Woods Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Victoria & Harrison Beeson
Wicks & Woods
153 Guild Hall Row, S
Handmade Candles & Woven Baskets

Jef Hall & Jessica Bielke
Fairy Secrets Lotion Candles
316 Shoplatch Lane, E
Spa-Quality Hand-Poured Lotion Candles

Dana Gass
Kamala Perfumes
436 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Oils, Incense, Herbs & Apothecary

Cream City Soap Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Anita Hero
Cream City Soap
289 Shoplatch Lane, W
Premium Handmade Soaps & Body Products

Seventh Sojourn Soap Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Bryan & Melissa Penney
Seventh Sojourn Soaps
647 Farnham Way, W
Handmade Soaps and Scrubs


Domba Tribal Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Heidi Alexander
Domba! Tribal Bellydance
716 St John’s Crossing, N
Costuming for Women & Girls

DaVinci Scientifica Steampunk Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Gary & Lori Alston – NEW
Da Vinci Scientifica Steampunk Emporium
140 Guild Hall Row
Unique Steampunk Leatherwork Accessories

Samiah's Caravan Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Richard and Betty Antley – NEW
Samiah’s Caravan
723 St. John’s Crossing
Unique Coats, Vests, and Accessories

Nomadic Dreams Boutique Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Heather Baumann
Nomadic Dreams Boutique
101 The Wizard’s Walk, S
Indulge Yourself in Exotic Elegance

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Heather Baumann
The Silk Empress
169 Guildhall Row, S
Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Tangled Fibers Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Andi Bilek
Tangled Fibres
730 St. John’s Crossing, W
Original, Handmade Yarnwork Accessories

Alter Egos Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Susan Blanchard
Alter Egos Bazaar
156 Guild Hall Row, N
Handmade Exotic World Clothing

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Susan Blanchard
Les Trois Petits Cochons
637 Farnham Way, W
Handmade Children’s World Clothing

Camelot Enterprises feather fan Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Cynthia & Krystyna Brzezinski
Camelot Enterprises ~ The Royal Fan Shoppe
550 The Buttery, N
Feather fans, halos & masks

Faire Pair Tights Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Ginger Burkholder
Faire Pair Tights
717 St. Johns Crossing, S
Tights and Jester Socks

Casta Diva corset Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Leigh Chamberlain
Casta Diva
432 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Fine Clothing for Ladies & Lords

Marketplace artisan merchant vendor: Casta Diva Casta Divettes clothing costume women men children girl boy

Leigh Chamberlain
Casta Divettes
147 Guild Hall Row, S
Fine Clothing for Girls & Boys, too!

The Scot Shop Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Doug & Kim Dealy
The Scot Shoppe
37 Farnham Way, W
Scottish Kilts

Silver Leaf Costuming Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Laura Elliott
Silver Leaf Costumes
630 Farnham Way, E
Steampunkery for Discerning Ladies and Gents

Kerrie Fall
Opal Moon Designs
29 Farnham Way, W
Handmade Fantasy Clothing for Men & Women

Pandora's Kloset sweater coat Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Lisa Hames
Pandora’s Kloset
293 Shoplatch Lane, W
Eclectic Wearable Art in Everyday Clothes

Angus Harvey Kilt Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Angus Harvey
Angus Harvey – Kiltmaker
150 Guild Hall Row, N
Scottish Kilts & Clothing

Ophelia's fine clothing Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Leanne Harvey
25 Farnham Way, W
Costumes for Men and Women

Felix Needleworthy costume Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Steven J. Hynnek
Felix Needleworthy
324 Shoplatch Lane, E
Fine Renaissance Costumes

Zootzu costume Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

James Kenworthy
177 Guild Hall Row, S
Renaissance Festival Clothing for Everyone

Wyldethyngs horns Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Brian Lemke
623 Farnham Way, W
Spirited Horns and Spriteful Ears

Starry Dreams parasol umbrella Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Starr Majerus
Starry Dreams
111 The Wizard’s Walk, S
Exotic Body Adornments, Hair Embellishments and Parasols

The Royal Garland Shop flowers feathers Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Brenda Marcelain
The Royal Garland Shoppe
16 Farnham Way, E
Floral Head Garlands

Artisan Marketplace Merchant Vendor: The Blonde Swan leather hats

Alex & Elisabeth Martin – NEW
The Blonde Swan
426 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Handmade leather hats rich in character.

Heart's Delight clothing Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Deborah & Ron Mesker
Heart’s Delight
747 St. John’s Crossing, S
Clothing and Costumes

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Deborah & Ron Mesker
Heart Felt Hats
283 Shoplatch Lane, W
Clothing and Costumes

Leviticus and Lillith's Locs hair falls Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Erin Mikkelsen
Leviticus & Lillith’s Locs
Dread falls and extensions.

Mischief Masks Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Shannon Morgan
Mischief Masks
140 Guild Hall Row
Masks and Unique Wares

Four Winds handmade clothing Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Rachel Roang
Four Winds Clothing
655 Farnham Way, W
Handmade Clothing for Men, Women & Children

Authentic Wardrobe cloak Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Bill Weaver
Authentic Wardrobe
The Buttery, N
Fabulous Flowing Finery

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Richard Weber & Katherine Bus
457 Shakespeare’s Meadow, W
Hats, Feathers and Masks


Garden Gothic sculpture Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Keith Bonfield & Alison Love
Garden Gothic
59 Trader’s Wharf, C
Gargoyles, Grotesques and Assorted Beasties

Opinions in Bone pins Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Jef Hall & Jessica Bielke
oPINions in Bone
The Buttery
Etched Buffalo Bone Pins

Ann Duncan Designs clay flower wedding bouquet Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Ann Duncan
Ann Duncan Designs
733 St. Johns Crossing, S
Polymer Clay Flowers & Bouquets

Marketplace Artisan Merchant Vendor: Serendipity Leather Mugs, Pouches, Wallets & Books

Sara Feldkamp
Serendipity – An Oberon Design Boutique
317 Shoplatch Lane, W
Leather & Accessories Fit for Shakespeare

Cartographer of the Cosmos map Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Jesse Kennedy
Cartographer of the Cosmos
109 The Wizard’s Walk, S
Handrawn Historical, Fantastic & Mythological Maps

Basts Garden dolls Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Stephanie Lynn & Sandra Bong
Bast’s Garden Menagerie
257 High Street, W
Here Be Dragons & Magical Creatures

Where the Gods Live drinking horn Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Brian Marshall
Where the Gods Live
93 Trader’s Wharf, C
Handcarved Drinking Horns & Viking Wares

Enchanted World mermaid fairy doll Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Josanne & Bruce McAfee
Enchanted World
676 Farnham Way, E
Mystical Mermaids & Fanciful Fairies

Broomhilde broom Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Byron & Arlene Miller
644 Farnham Way, E
Handmade, Handcrafted Brooms & Hiking Sticks

Twisted Spider bead gem dice wire figure Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Rebecca O’Keefe
Twisted Spiders
103 The Wizard’s Walk, S
Handmade Spiders from High-Quality Beads & Wire

Wickerman basket Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Bill Shorts ~ HD
The Wicker Man
734 St. John’s Crossing, N
Weaving Splint & Wicker Wares

Grichels leather face wallet purse book Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Melissa Smith
Grichels – A Wrinkle In Reality
640 Farnham Way, E
Creature Comforts in Leather

The Elven Caravan elf ears Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Lindsay Stewart
The Elven Caravan
447 Shakespeare’s Meadow
Elven Ears and Armor

The Deckled Edge wool yarn knitting crochet Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Jesica Ward-Schmidt
The Deckled Edge
370 Shakespeare’s Meadow, C (Green Vardo)
Hand-Worked Fiber Arts & Findings

Daydream Dragons clay statue Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Michael Paul
Daydream Dragons
Polymer clay dragons and small sculptures.


Marketplace Artisan Merchant Vendor: Renboots Leather Boots, Shoes, Hats & Accessories

Kim & Doug Dealy
664 Farnham Way, E
Exquisite Footwear from Around the Globe

Marketplace Artisan Merchant Vendor: Son of Sandlar Leather Shoes , Boots & Clothing

Arik Helman
Son of Sandlar
50 Trader’s Wharf, S
Boots, Shoes & Men’s Garb


Marketplace Merchant Artisan Vendor: Sky Chairs Hanging Chairs

Robert Anderson
Sky Chairs
636 Farnham Way, E
Hanging Sky Chairs

Sara & Noel Eskew
Music of the Spheres
459 Shakespeare’s Meadow, W
The Stradivarius of Windchimes®

Diana Kush
Brutti Gargoyle
335 Shoplatch Lane, W
Mixed Media Accessories and Home Decor

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Jose & Rose Michel
Elizabethan Tapestries
530 The Buttery, N
Tapestry in Pillows & Wall Hangings

Candlelight Rocks oil lamp Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Alan Van Der Like
Candlelight Rocks
28 Farnham Way, E
Mystical, Enchanting, Warm, Glowing Rocks


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Stuart Abelman ~ HD
Abelman Art Glass
312 Shoplatch Lane, E
A World of Unexpected Treasures in Glass

Crow Nouveau glass wire suncatcher Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Sheralyn Barnes – NEW
Crow Nouveau
23 Farnham Way, Cart
Copper Wire & Glass Beaded Sun Catchers & Window Charms

Alan & Carolyn Gardner ~ HD
Creations in Glass
619 Farnham Way, W
Hand-blown Glass Art

Carol & Steve Mudd
Gemini Glass
511 The Buttery, W
Stained Glass & Glass Constructions


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Brenda Duncan
Metal Mistress
337 Shoplatch Lane, W
Heirloom and Amber Jewelry

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Cynthia & Guy Fuson
Tails Upon Tails
36 Farnham Way, E
Hair Wraps, Jewelry and More

Pendragon silver necklace Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Tim James
Pendragon Silver Crafts
659 Farnham Way, W
Sterling Silver Jewelry & More

Marketplace: Indigo Turtle Art pendants

James Johnson & Jone Williams ~ PD
Indigo Turtle Art
645 Farnham Way, W
Handcrafted Fine Porcelain Jewelry & Art

Honorable company of Metalsmiths puzzle rings Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace. Work the Faire.

Jeff L. Matthews & Norman Greene
Honorable Company of Metalsmiths
127 Guild Hall Row, S
Puzzle Rings and Scientific Instruments

Siw Bieringer
Uncommon Adornments
46 Farnham Way, E
Celtic & Mythical Jewelry in Silver and Gold

Sean & Erika Potter
Medieval Metal
281 Shoplatch Lane, W
Hair Accessories & Jewelry

Paul Reeves
295 Shoplatch Lane, W
Handcrafted Hair Wraps, Jewelry and Flasks

Margaret Rogowski
Baltic Amber – Gold of the Sea
422 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Polish handmade natural amber jewelry

Village Coin Mint Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Ralph Sellers ~ HD
Village Coin Mint
241 High Street, W
Stamped Coins and Medallions

Crown Jewels earring Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Jennifer Snitko
Crown Jewels
118 Guild Hall Row, N
Jewelry and Hair Adornments

Siw Bieringer
The Silver Shamrock
66 Trader’s Wharf, C
Celtic Jewelry in Silver and Gold

Devora Susman & Joya Butler
Silver Lady
273 High Street, W
Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Jewelry


Silverhawk Leather belt Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Russ & Carol Beeson
Silver Hawk Leather
32 Farnham Way, E
Fine Handcrafted Belts, Purses & Accessories

Chase Tannery leather scraps Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Keith & Tracy Brubaker
Chase Tannery ~ The Leather Guy
77 Trader’s Wharf, W
Fine Tanned Hides and Skins

Kelly Cochran Davis
Excalibur Leather, by Avalon Leatherworks
517 The Buttery, S
Leather Costumes, Hats & Accessories

Nicole Fullerton & MaritaBeth Carruthers
Pendragon Costumes
523 The Buttery, S
Leather Doublets and Bodices

Hammer and Thread leather pouch Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Jerel Krueger
Hammer and Thread
247 High Street, W
Leather Clothing, Pouches, and Armor

Poetic Earth leather journal Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Steven Malone
Poetic Earth Leather Works
237 High Street, W
Leather Journals and Bags

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Vincent & Theresa Randazzo
The Sheepskin Shop
438 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Sheepskin and Leather Products

Brande Watson & Arthur Forsyth
Celtic Leatherworks
29 Farnham Way, W
Handcrafted Celtic and Viking Cuffs, Barrettes, and Battle Targes


Ravensburg Chain Mail Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Steve Dalton
Ravensburg Chain Maille
430 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Chain Maille Apparel & Accents

Rogue Maille armor Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Charity Dorn – NEW
Rogue Maille
162 Guild Hall Row
Unique ChainMail Pieces & Accessories

Marketplace Merchant artisan vendor: Fellowship Foundry Pewter Sculpture

Randall Moore
Fellowship Foundry Pewter
249 High Street, W
Pewter Goblets and Wedding Glasses

Iron Wolf Forge cutlery fork spoon Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Ken Nelson ~ HD
Iron Wolf Forge
322 Shoplatch Lane, E
Blacksmith, Bladesmith & Forging Demonstrations

Ballena Bay Pewter cup Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Karyn Rivas
Ballena Bay Pewter
121 Guild Hall Row, S
Fine Pewter Wares

King of the Crowns Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Forrest Tandberg
King of the Crowns
542 The Buttery
Crowns, Circlets & Accessories


Tribal Revival musical instruments Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Martin Thomas Hill
Tribal Revival
455 Shakespeare’s Meadow, W
Didjeridoos, Drums & Tambourines

Windwood Flutes Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

William E. Miller ~ PD
Windwood Flutes
219 High Street, W
Bamboo Flutes


Anthony Brandl
The Rabbit Hero
105 The Wizard’s Stroll, S
Illustrated Storyblocks, Prints and Chapbook

Under the Mango Tree journals Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Mark Brasher
Under the Mango Tree
729 St. John’s Crossing, S
Handmade Leather Journals & Sketchbooks

Nancy & Matt Hulan
Arte of the Booke
22 Farnham Way, E
Books, artwork, and historical writing supplies.

Calligraphy by Linda invitations announcements Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Linda & Vern Medeen ~ HD
Calligraphy by Linda
183 Guild Hall Row, S
Calligraphy & Calligraphy Artwork

The Quill and Brush Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Michelle Novak & Lita Lockhart
The Quill and Brush
82 King’s Landing, S
Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Books and Illustrations

Peter & Jennifer Townsend
Hall of Family Names
672 Farnham Way, E
Your Family Name History


Gnome and Fairy Pottery kettle Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Mike Polkinghorne & Kit Davis
Gnome and Fairy Pottery
285 Shoplatch Lane, W
Handmade Pottery

Pottery by Sutter left handed mugs Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Julia & Craig Sutter
Pottery by Sutter
631 Farnham Way, W
Stoneware and Porcelain Pottery

Hearthstone Arts mug Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Mike & Sara Wisdom ~ HD
Hearthstone Arts
428 Shakespeare’s Meadow, E
Handmade Celtic and Heraldic Ceramics


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Karen Clarkson
Phoenix Henna Bodyart
71 Trader’s Wharf, W
Creative and Traditional Henna Tattoo

Gayle French & Melanie Mundy
French Braids by Twisted Sisters
600 The Buttery, C
Elegant Hair Braiding for Everyone

Ladies in Braiding Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Jazzmine Little & Kimbelle Singletary
Ladies in Braiding
635 Farnham Way, W
Lovely Braids for All Occasions

Face Painting by Kristy King Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Kristy King
Face Painting
634 Farnham Way, C
Face and Body Painting

Face Painting by Tom Konrath Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Thomas G. Konrath
Face Painting
414 Shakespeare’s Meadow, C
Face Painting

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Philip Nearing
Mehendi Henna from the Past
445 Shakespeare’s Meadow, W
Henna Painting

Arthur's Advisors tarot psychic Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

William Petsche
Arthur’s Advisors
261 High Street, W
Psychic tarot and astrology

Pyewacket's Body Art face painting Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Robin Raab
Pyewacket’s Body Art
85 King’s Landing, C
Face and body painting

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

John Rupkey & Timothy Cross
Celestial Circus
313 Shoplatch Lane, W
Readings and Sale of Celestial Items

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Joe White
Bluebeard, Face Painter
200 High Street, C
Face and Body Art


Marketplace Merchant Artisan Vendor: Imaginarium Galleries Hand Carved Puppets

Albert Alfaro
Imaginarium Galleries
333 Shoplatch Lane, W
Handcrafted Shoulder Puppets & Dragon Eggs

Kyle and MaritaBeth Caruthers
East Wind Games
124 Guild Hall Row, N
Purveyors and Lovers of Historical Games and Game History

Wax Hands Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Guy & Cynthia Fuson
Wax Hands
41 Farnham Way, W
Your Hand in Wax

Swords and Shields wood toy Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Dan Gilbert
Swords & Shields
648 Farnham Way, E
Wooden Swords and Shields

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

E.B. Stone
The Queen’s Giggles
215 High Street, W
Toys and Whimsical Items

Gerald Swendsen & Family
Swendsen’s Wood Shop
627 Farnham Way, W
Wooden Swords, Shields and Toys


logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Elmer Bensen & Debra Bensen
Crow’s Crossing
451 Shakespeare’s Meadow, W
Fine Woodworks for Home & Living

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Donna McDaniel
Lady Mac’s Horns, Canes & Staffs
328 Shoplatch Lane, W
Horns, Canes, Staffs & Drinking Horns

Sherrie Phillips
Wondrous Works in Wood
167 Guild Hall Row, S
Turned wooden mugs and other trinkets and treasures of wood


Michelle Amsbury
Amsbury’s The Heart and the Skull, at Pirate’s Cove
658 Farnham Way, W
Fine Pirate Wares

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Richard and Betty Antley – NEW
The Clove and Hive Honey
165 Guild Hall Row, S
Honey Products

Caina Tea loose leaf tea blends Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Patrick Barco and Xianna Cai-Barco
Caina Tea
Trader’s Wharf, Cart
Teas and Teaware from the Orient

Carole Cianelli
Danny Boy Pipes
652 Farnham Way, E
Tobacconist & Pipe Fitter

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Michaeline Roland
159 Guild Hall Row, S
Earth jewels of rock & crystals

Holy Honey Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Michael & Deborah Schwenn – NEW
Holy Honey
42 Farnham Way
Honey Products

White Sea Hookah Lounge Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

James Shehadeh
White Sea Hookah Lounge
96 Trader’s Wharf, S
Hookah: Exotic Pipes, Tobacco & Smoking Lounge

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

George Tarke
Cigars a la Carte
460 Shakespeare’s Meadow
Fine Cigars from Around the World

logo: Renaissance Entertainment Productions sun, placeholder

Tammy & Terry Truckenbrod
The Rosery
670 Farnham Way, C
Roses and Other Lovely Fresh Flowers

Garlic Festival Shop seasoning blends Merchant Vendor Shopping Marketplace

Pat West
Garlic Festival Shop
67 Trader’s Wharf, C
Gourmet Garlic-Based Cooking Essentials


Guest Artist: Backwood Press

Chad Tuura (All Season!)
Backwood Press
Woodblock prints, art, and illustrations

Guest Artist: Krakenwhip

Kristin Gallup (All Season!)
Leather hip belts, unique skirts, clothing, and more!

Guest Artist: Wild Cherry Spoon Co

Tim McGuire (All Season!)
Wild Cherry Spoon Co.
Unique wooden spoons, spatulas, cutting boards, and more!

Guest Artist: Roadhouse Adventures

Kimi Hawkins (All Season!)
Roadhouse Adventures
Quality handcrafted pewter jewelry and accessories.

Guest Artist: Apothacoffee Roastery

Phillip Compart (All Season!)
Apothacoffee Roastery
Roasted coffee from all corners of the globe.

Guest Artist: Sea Song Jewelry

Misti Bernard (Weekends 1-8)
Sea Song Jewelry
Timeless jewelry out of pearls, crystal, copper, and silk.

Guest Artist: Pieces of Jayde

Jayde McAloon (Weekends 1-3)
Pieces of Jayde
Beautiful handcrafted jewelry showcasing nature.

Guest Artist: The Knotted Cloak

Teresa Colby (Weekends 1-3)
The Knotted Cloak
Coats and cloaks with hand-embroidered elements.

Guest Artist: Tendril Temple

Mark Nimphius (Weekends 1, 2 & 5)
Tendril Temple
Create small, adorable, and even wearable terrariums!

Guest Artist: Reminted Jewelry

Cassie Beyer (Weekends 3, 7 & 9)
Reminted Jewelry
Jewelry that utilizes genuine historical coins in every piece.

Guest Artist: Zola Woodworks

Elin MacCoubrey (Weekends 4-6)
Zola Woodworks
Unique and interesting hand woodburned pieces.

Guest Artist: Clay Maiden

Terri Howard (Weekends 7-9)
Clay Maiden
Adorable clay gnomes and garden friends.

Guest Artist: Dragon Tear Pearls

Donna Clark (Weekends 1, 3, 5, 8 & 9)
Dragon Tear Pearls
Pick an oyster and then create a unique piece of jewelry with what’s inside!

Guest Artist: Gemini Pearl Company

Jean Elliott & Nicole Hoffman (Weekends 2, 7 & 8)
Gemini Pearl Company
Select an oyster, find your pearl and create a new piece of jewelry!

Guest Artist: Wacky Wonderworks

Alana Kroschke (Weekends 1, 3, 6-9)
Wacky Wonderworks
Laser cut wooden creations for you to build.

Guest Artist: La Gazza Pazza

Donna Armistead (Weekends 2, 4 & 7)
La Gazza Pazza
Historical clothing items for men, women, and children.

Guest Artist: Badger Creek Studios

Mark Stephens (Weekends 4-9)
Badger Creek Studios
Handmade soaps and bath products.

Guest Artist: Hannah Vale Illustrations and Art

Hannah Vale (Weekends 4-6)
Hannah Vale Illustrations and Art
Hand drawn works of fantasy.

Guest Artist: K & R Armory

Shannon Kelley & Tabitha Gower (Weekends 4-6)
K & R Armory
Armor in metal and leather for men and women.

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