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Bristol RenQuest™

What is RenQuest™?

RenQuest is a game full of thoughtful and fun puzzles, a story where you are the main character hero, and a place where the epic legends of King Arthur’s Court live on during Queen Elizabeth’s Renaissance. If you can prove that you are a worthy Heir of the Round Table, you can empower the mighty sword Excalibur. And for those who rise to the challenge, Merlin left a spell that only you can cast.

How do I join?

The 2021 RenQuest™ story is a one-day stand-alone adventure perfect for those who have never played the game before, or long-standing players who wish to stretch their role-playing abilities and try a new character!

Once you have decided to strike out on your great adventure, you may purchase your day of play at the RenQuest™ Red Vardo.

RenQuest™ Pricing:

Gameplay is $10, recommended for ages 12 and up (but we’ve had players as young as 8 with accompanying parents). Sign up at the RenQuest™ Red Vardo, located near the Cheshire Chase stage on your Faire map. Tickets are available from 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. every Faire day.

This price is in addition to the gate ticket price and does not offer any gate ticket discounts.

Getting Started in RenQuest™

Once you have purchased your RenQuest ticket, you will be directed to speak with your first quest-giver, step into your character, and help the city of Bristol! The main game lasts approximately 2 hours (play at your own pace).

There is an additional, much more difficult, secondary challenge that lasts approximately 60 minutes at no extra cost for those who wish to test their puzzle abilities. You cannot begin the secondary puzzle until you have completed the main adventure.

More Information

Are there points for 2021?
No, we are not offering points or champion prizes in 2021.

Is the 2021 plot related to the 2019 plot?
No. The 2021 game is a stand-alone adventure that is not tied to the previous stories.

Will the 2019 story continue?
We anticipate that the 2019 plot will continue in the future, but cannot offer certainty due to the ever-changing state of the world at this time.

Can I bring my previous character into the 2021 game?
Yes! Please be aware that the NPCs may seem familiar, but are different characters for the 2021 game.


If you want more information about the quests and playing, go to the RenQuest™ Camp. It’s marked on the Faire map with the RenQuest™ logo and is across from the Friends of Faire Garden.

Any of the NPCs can explain more about playing.

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