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=== A Brand New Story Arc For 2019 ===

Last year, those of the Band of the Twisted Claw and the Draco Disciples slew the combined Lord of Light and Tiamat who sought to erase this world and remake it properly. With the gods slain, the Astral Plane began to collapse and those within Bristol found that if they attempted to leave they turned to stardust and ceased to exist. Anansi, the God of Stories, was summoned by our saviors, and he gave our heroes one quest over the winter. Remember.

Now that the gates have opened, the Band of the Twisted Claw and Draco Disciples are no more. They have formed into one group – the Vanguard of the Ascended. Join the Vanguard as they struggle to survive against a new foe who calls itself The Void who seeks to the removal of all things related to gods and their followers – and instead promises freedom from such tyranny.

While the Lord of Light and Tiamat are no more, the members of the Vanguard have heard cries for help from the Astral Realm. Gods from the Norse and Greek pantheons have taken refuge as their homes collapse. Visit us to meet them and see how you can save us!

=== A New Skill System ===

During your adventure with RenQuest, your character will earn skills that can be used. These skills, called boons, are bound to your character, and once learned, will be available in subsequent years! By choosing your skills, you are able to build your own class for the roleplaying experience that you want — and to truly make your quest your own.

This year there are nine skills available for players to learn but be careful, you can only learn so many before you will have to start deleting them from your character!

Once you have learned a boon, be certain to submit it here: https://forms.gle/hxhgQMMFwPzb5vM99

=== More To Come ===

Look forward to some extra events that the RenQuest team has planned for you, including a limited time raid & event quest.

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