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Every Faire day recreates a time when knights were noble, maids were merry and turkey legs were titanic. Once you enter the portal gates, you travel back in time to the year 1574, and you’ve walked right into an exciting village festival day. And what are we celebrating? Queen Elizabeth, Herself, is visiting Bristol! It’s time to eat, drink and be merry! Revelry is the order of the day!

For 9 glorious weekends starting in early July, each Saturday and Sunday, plus Labor Day Monday, visitors take a rollicking romp through Elizabethan England, complete with 16th Century games, rides, arts, crafts, food, music and one-of-a-kind encounters with a spectacular cast of characters. The Faire boasts a beautiful 30-acre site with open-air stages featuring Swordfighters, Minstrels and Jesters. Meet Robin Hood or Queen Elizabeth, in person! All entertainment is included in the price of admission.

Nearly 200 artisans display their wares in the Bristol Faire Marketplace. Potters, glass blowers, jewelers and forgers busily go about their work, as shoppers discover rare finds around every corner. Offerings range from sterling silver jewelry, hand-thrown pottery and fine crafted leather works to hickory walking sticks, rich tapestries to hammered pewter.


I came to Bristol for the second time and made it as far as the Mud Show, before realizing that the left front fork of my wheelchair had broken. I was with friends and they assisted me to the front of the park where your security and maintenance staff went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me with my dilemma. They took my wheelchair and gave their best effort to try and fix my broken wheel – and they succeeded in repairing it to the point of temporary use – of which I was truly grateful!! Using a three-wheeled wheelchair is certainly tricky. I was not able to continue on with the day, for fear of re-breaking an injured wheel and being stuck near the joust (which would, of course, most certain be my luck).

To make my experience complete, your staff offered me a complimentary ticket to return to the faire when I could get my chair fixed. I was overwhelmed by their concern; time and generosity that I wanted to write and send along a personal note of thanks to everyone involved and for continuing to make the Bristol Renaissance Faire an exceptional summertime destination. I have been frequenting the faire since the days of King Richard’s faire, and will continue to be a loyal subject to Bristol and her Majesty. Many sincerest and heartfelt thanks to your staff and performers at the faire – for your caring, your energy and most of all the glorious entertainment you provide. Huzzah Bristol, and until our paths cross again may the wind be at your back and may the Grace of the Queen bring you fame and fortune! (Lots and lots of fortunes!!!)

Thank you again with the entire appreciation one can muster.

Stephen R. Hicks

Thank you for making my first experience at a Renaissance Faire amazing beyond words. I enjoyed Barely Balanced to an unbelievable feet! They WILL be the reason I return next year. I loved the little effects of the girls and guys dressed up like fairies slowly prancing around. All of the workers had such enthusiasm and looked very cool dressed up. I could rant on and on about my wonderful time at the faire but all in all everything from the prices of the tickets to the gut busting, jaw-dropping, awe-spiring shows! I’d like to mention Barely Balanced once more to show my gratitude towards their hard work to make a wonderful show and on a more personal note; a wonderful time for me. Thank you Bristol Renaissance Faire for making my summer!
Savannah Wirth

We attended the Faire on July 23rd this year and wanted to let you know what a wonderful time our whole family had. You transported us back in time and it was a top notch experience. My 6 year old son and 4 year old niece were delighted with the magic. Great job done by all!!!

The Bristol Renaissance Faire!
Where Fantasy Rules!

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