Map of the Faire

Feel free to print this map and bring it with you! Printed maps are also available, free of charge, at our front gate. Please note that this map is not to scale so that it might artfully fit on a single sheet.

Map of the Bristol Renaissance Faire created in 2024

Bristol Renaissance Faire Reviews

This place is magical! It is fun for adults and kids of all ages. There are many exciting shows to see, unique shops to visit, and fun activities to do. Be prepared to walk all day, and get dirty. It is set up so well, that you feel like you have traveled through time. All the actors stay in character and interact with the guests. They have playgrounds and other kid-friendly attractions. Grab a map so you don’t miss anything! – Dessa Luedtke

Been going here since I was little, & now as a parent, it is awesome that they have incorporated kid’s areas! Experiencing this faire is an absolute must. From the hilarious/eye-catching shows, the kid’s activities, the famous joust, to the random and not so random people that work at the Faire, it rocks through and through! I recommend giving it a visit for sure! – Cärrä Ocaçïo

Always incredibly fun to go to! The actors and vendors are friendly and don’t break character. The shows are entertaining, the food is good, the items sold in the shops are varied and of high quality. Honestly, I’ve never had a bad experience here! It’s a must-go destination every year. – Daniel K

We had a blast! We walked the entire faire and tried on hats and looked at costumes. There was a glass blowing demonstration that we watched that was really cool and we had a few drinks. He had a turkey leg and was really excited about that and I had a tasty mushroom burger. We sat and people watched while we ate. We had a very good time. He wants to go back again this year and even dress up. We’re excited! – Paige Zeibert

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