Theme Weekends

Theme Weekends add an extra layer of fun for our guests. Every weekend celebrates the joy and spirit of the Renaissance, and on the following weekends, we infuse an exciting twist.

Steampunk Weekend (July 17 & 18, 2021)

We invite all our guests to dress up in their finest time-traveling attire. No matter which century you portray, we’re looking forward to celebrating a leap back (or forward) in time! It is, after all, a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… stuff.

Steampunk Costume Contest

More information coming soon!

Pirate Weekend (August 7 & 8, 2021)

Yar! Hoist the mainsails, don your best dress, and polish your peg leg, ye scallywags, for pirates and sailors of all sorts are taking over this weekend! Whether you love to sing sea shanties, have perfected your pirate talk, or just love the beauty of sailing upon the open ocean – this is a weekend for all things nautical, piratical, and fun!

Pirate Costume Contest

More information coming soon!

Pub Crawl

Play the best beer game this side of 1599 at Bristol’s legendary Pub Crawl. Join the loud and lusty crew, skip long lines as they personally amuse you along the village streets to several fine taverns and public houses. Try not to spill as you jiggle with merriment at the most bodacious songs, jests, jokes, stories, and riddles the shire has to offer. Travel with your own bartender, for immediate service, and choose from more than 20 beers on tap or a delicious mead as you go. We also offer a gluten-free cider. FOUR alcoholic drinks are included – one at each pub.

Every Pub Crawl costs $55 to party with us. Start times for the 2021 season are coming soon! 

You may only Crawl once per day!

Special Events: Pub Crawl 2019 cast by Allen Castillo


The Pub Crawl sells out quickly and does not include admission to The Bristol Renaissance Faire. You will need an admission ticket and a Pub Crawl ticket if you wish to drink with us.

Must be 21 to participate (IDs will be checked for everyone). Children are not permitted on the Pub Crawl (including children in strollers). Please drink responsibly, we like return customers!

photo: Allen Castillo

Faire Reviews

Most excellent hilarity and general merriment was had by all. I highly recommend the Pub Crawl! – Lynette P

I wanted to offer my biggest, most heartfelt thank you to the Bristol Staff for a truly magical weekend. My friends and I were very impressed with the genuine talent of each and every actor and performance. I also wanted to extend a personal thank you to Uncle Jack, who was welcoming and loving to my friends and me. His extra attention and care made him fun to talk to, and my friends and I found ourselves seeking him out throughout the day to have conversations with him again. Love you, Uncle Jack! We look forward to joining you in the Pub Crawl soon. An additional thank you/apology to the handsome gentleman portraying William Shakespeare. We loved your genuineness and authenticity, (as well as your patience with the cherry thief, and I am only slightly apologetic but very thankful for the wonderful laughs and memories that followed).
For someone who has never been to a Renaissance Faire before, I have been delighted and enthused with my trip to Bristol. I wish I could write more expressing my happiness because of my trip. Please know that you all are the reason people believe in magic, and the joy you have bringing imagination to life is outstanding. Please keep up the amazing work! I will be visiting again. With love, Emma

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