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We try our best to make the New York Renaissance Faire a feast for the eyes. Feel free to bring your camera or camcorder out with you, whether you consider yourself a pro or are just starting out. Commercial photography of every kind is prohibited within the New York Renaissance Faire without explicit written consent from management. It is also forbidden to bring ancillary photography/videography equipment into the park without prior written approval, including, but not limited to, lights, tripods, reflectors, and drones. If you would like to come out to our Faire and film or take pictures for a project, please contact us via email.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your interest in the New York Renaissance Faire! If you would like to be considered for press/professional media passes, please click here to complete our Media Registration Form. Pass requests are determined two weeks before your anticipated arrival date. We can not accommodate requests with less than 48-hour notice.

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New York Renaissance Faire Announces 2024 Season!

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Photo Credit: New York Renaissance Faire

New York Renaissance Faire Reviews

Wonderful experience! Worth the price..great for families and or friends. Stroller friendly! Everyone is very polite. Great hourly shows all over the place, wonderful merchandise, and food. All around great fun! – Alexa Kelly

This is the biggest, best Renaissance Fair on the East Coast! It consists of medieval buildings set into a former botanical garden. The site is large. Clean. There are shows, crafts, and merchants. The staff is happy and friendly. There is a variety of food and drink. Try it and see! – Renee Williams

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