The New York Renaissance Faire
Photo Contest

Thank you to all who entered our photo contest in years past. We are no longer hosting a photo contest, but feel free to tag us in your online social media albums. We would love to see your shots and share them!  We will also be running contests via social media throughout the 2019 season for a chance to win tickets to the Faire.
You can find us on our social media platforms here:
  • Instagram: newyorkrenaissancefaire
  • Facebook: @nyrenfair
  • Twitter: @nyrenfair
Our hashtags are as follows: #NYRF #huzzah #GSTQ #nyrenfaire #WhereFantasyRules

2017 Winners and Honorable Mentions

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Overall Winner: Jim Charette

2017 Photo Contest Winner Jim Charette

Living History Winner:
Adam Scherer

Fantasy Winner:
Adam Scherer

Action/Adventure Winner
Frank Tirrell

Selfie Winner:
Ryan Kristopik

Your Faire Winner
Patricia Cox-Bueno

The Professional Winner
Jingru Luo

Living History Honorable Mention
Frank Tirrell

Fantasy Honorable Mention
Kristen Luther

Action/Adventure Honorable Mention
Douglas Munch

Selfie Honorable Mention
Robert Carr

Your Faire Honorable Mention
Michelle Villano

The Professional Honorable Mention
Jess Casamento

Taking Photos at the Faire
We try our best to make The New York Renaissance Faire a feast for the eyes. Many amateur and professional photographers spend their time at our Faire and the results are amazing. Feel free to bring your camera or camcorder out with you, whether you consider yourself a pro or just starting out.

Photos taken at the New York Renaissance Faire may only be used for personal use unless written authorization is granted from Renaissance Entertainment Productions. Thank you.

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