Photos & Videos taken at the Faire can only be used for personal use unless authorization is granted in writing from Renaissance Entertainment Productions for commercial or promotional use. If you would like to come out to our Faire and film or take pictures for a special project, you must complete our media registration form 2 weeks before your anticipated arrival.
*Please note that the following items are prohibited because they block audience line of sight: lighting screens, lighting filters/diffusers of any size, tripods with a footprint larger than 5ft, or boom microphones. Exceptions may be made for boom microphones provided your company is under media escort while you are on site.



By purchasing a ticket and entering the Renaissance Entertainment Productions, Inc.
(“Renaissance”) Faire, you authorize Renaissance to photograph or record you and/or your
minor child’s image, voice, likeness and/or performance on film, tape, still images or otherwise.
You grant permission to Renaissance to edit such photos or recordings as it may desire, and
incorporate such recordings into all promotional materials that are related to its business.
Renaissance may use and authorize others to use the photos or recordings, or any portions
thereof, in all markets, manner and media including but not limited to printed reports, books,
screenings, festivals, education programs, websites, and broadcast.

You understand and agree that these photos and recordings may be duplicated, distributed with
or without charge, and/or altered in any form or manner without future/further compensation or
liability, in perpetuity.

By entering the Faire, you waive any right that you may have to inspect and/or approve the
finished photos, recordings or other materials produced in connection with this release. You
release Renaissance from any claims associated with the above release and you understand that
under no circumstances shall you have any right to maintain any cause of action regarding the
photos or recordings, against Renaissance or anyone else, by virtue of the terms of this release.

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