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Work at the Faire and become part of the team that creates a magical escape for our audience.
Please complete the application and email it to!

Click Here to download the job application!

Positions begin at minimum wage ($16.78) but will go up based on skill level and position hired for.

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Become a Vendor (Exhibitor) at the Faire

Download the Full-Season Vendor Application Here

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is a well-established Elizabethan-era Faire. Vendors with handmade crafts or period games, rides, and activities that complement our 16th-century theme are welcome to apply.

Booth Design – Applicants should send detailed sketches of the booth design including measurements. The rendering of the booth must include frontal and side views, as well as roofline treatments. It is also recommended that you provide space requirements/requests for the back of the booth.

Please submit the application with photos or drawings of your booth design and photos of your product to Contact our Marketplace Team at that same address with any further questions about bringing your original works and wares to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire Marketplace.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire Marketplace Office juries year-round on an “until filled” basis. Approved applications received after the Marketplace has been filled will be placed on a waiting list if so requested by the exhibitor.

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Audition to be part of the Entertainment cast

Casting for the 2024 Renaissance Pleasure Faire is complete. If you have any questions about the 2025 season please email


As a guest, enhance your visit by DRESSING the part and SPEAKING the language!

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