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Booth 53

Axe Throw


Booth 411

Bawdy Braids

Booth 49

BEE Zip Lines


Booth 517

Big Swing

Booth 208

NEW Body Art Bus


Booth TBA

Braids for Maids

Booth 165

NEW Brass Rubbings


Booth TBA

The Bubble Rollers

Booth 29

NEW Carriage & Wagon Rides


Booth TBA

Creative Fairy Memories

Booth 311

Da Vinci’s Flight


Booth 406

Dragon Swing

Booth 35

Dragonflylola Artistry

Booth 43

Earth Darts

Booth 301B

Fools Maze


Booth 37

Giant Strike

Booth 303

Good Shepherd Games

Booth 408

Jabacco Hookah Lounge


Booth 318



Booth 413

Knife Throw

Booth 204

Maharani Mehendi Henna

Booth 321

Maypole Carousel


Booth 314

Mobile Rock


Booth 601

Petting Zoo


Booth 501

Phoenix Henna Body Art


Booth 525

Pi-rats vs Cat-apults


Booth 605

Queen’s College

Booth QC

St. Cuthberts Leather

Booth 137

St. Judes School of Fencing

Booth 212



Booth 206

Tea with the Queen

Booth F15



Booth 216

Ceramics and Sculpture

Amsbury’s Beads and Ceramics

Booth 23


Booth 140

Crystalline Glaze

Booth 128

NEW The Fabulous Hennigs


Booth TBA

Schulps Pottery

Booth 153

Yanna Porcelain Sculpture

Booth 414

Clothing and Costumes

Alter Egos

Booth 323

Bullseye Clothing

Booth 121

NEW Faire Ladies, Faire Lords


Booth TBA

Farthingale Tailors Supplies

Booth 109

Hearts Delight Clothiers

Booth 117

Kraken Whip

Booth 142

Opal Moon Designs

Booth 126


Booth 118

Pandora’s Closet

Booth 108

Pendragon Costumes

Booth 111

Samiah’s Caravan

Booth 124

Silver Leaf Designs

Booth 319

The Shirtmaker

Booth 119

Tickle Thy Fantasy

Booth 315

Tower of London

Booth 122

Costume, Wagon and Wheelchair Rentals

Belrose Costume, Wagon, and Wheelchair Rentals (No reservations accepted)
Belrose costume rental booth logo

Booth 8

Fine Art

Bailey Denton Photography

Booth 21

Celtic Art Store

Booth 131

Indigo Lights

Booth 146

Patrick Morgan – Artisan

Booth 313

Pysanka by Adriana

Booth 41

Red Rabbit Miniatures

Booth 159



Booth 136

Nativearth/Olde Soles

Booth 115

NEW Oakenfoot

Booth TBA

Garlands, Hats, and Accessories

Bad Hatter Dude

Booth 138

Bad Hatter Dude Cart

Booth 306B

Diva Dreads

Booth 519A

NEW Enchanted Garlands

Booth TBA

Greenman Florals

Booth 17

Heart Felt Hats

Booth 117A

Hooks and Chains

Booth 127

King of Crowns

Booth 511

Knight on the Town

Booth 308

The Crown and Griffin

Booth 39

Tudor Rose

Booth 18

Umbrella Cart

Booth 157

Wheat Goddesses

Booth 10


Abelman Art Glass

Booth 33

Dragonfly Stained Glass

Booth 14

Gourmet Food

NEW ApothAcoffee Roastery

Booth TBA

NEW Black Tie Caramel

Booth TBA

NEW The Clove and Hive

Booth TBA

Garlic Festival Shop

Booth 301A

The Holy Honey Company

Booth 45

NEW The Royal Nuts

Booth TBA

Salt Pedlars

Booth 28

Spice Trader Teas

Booth 519

NEW Vagabond Pizza

Booth TBA

The Welsh Baker

Booth 301


NEW Aeris Dea

Booth TBA

The Artofactory

Booth 420

Autumn Gypsy Studios

Booth 163

Benitez Jewelers

Booth 428

Briar & the Rose Custom Designs

Booth 434

NEW Coco Loco Jewelry

Booth TBA

Fleur du Jour

Booth 422

Gold Dipped Leaves

Booth 513

Indigo Lights

Booth 146

Jewelry by Da’oud

Booth 430

Maraya Jewellry Art

Booth 418

Mystic Glass

Booth 157

Pale Moon Enterprises

Booth 424

Puzzle Rings

Booth 426

Puzzle Rings Cart

Booth 101A

NEW Twisted Spiders

Booth TBA

Uncommon Adornments

Booth 440


Arttiiii Leather

Booth 144

Bullseye Leather

Booth 121

NEW Celtic Leatherworks

Booth TBA


Booth 150

Inner Beast Leather

Booth 130

Mischief Masks

Booth 151

Pocket Belts

Booth 19

Metal, Coins, and Pewter

Ballena Bay Pewter

Booth 26

Fellowship Foundry

Booth 155

Fellowship Foundry Cart

Booth 419A

Money Changers: Ancient Coins

Booth 432

Mythica Metalworks

Booth 129

Oso Forge

Booth 310

Quick Silver Mint

Booth 22


Booth 410

Single Tree

Booth 138

The Sword and The Rose

Booth 312

Musical Instruments

Ocarina Shoppe

Booth 135

The Ortfaerie Flute Garden

Booth 16


Blue Moon Readings

Booth 514

Cards by Catharae

Booth 512

Perfumes, Soaps, Oils and Incense

Belle Star Oils & Incense

Booth 105

Blue Moon Perfumes

Booth 514

Blythe Spirits

Booth 30

House of Wormwood

Booth 147

NEW La Pharmacie D’ Invention

Marketplace: La Pharmacie merchant vendor artisan custom perfume

Booth TBA

Themed and Fantasy

Amsbury’s The Heart & The Skull

Booth 25

Big Hat Pirates

Booth 113

Lil Miss Oddities

Booth 515

PuimaMia/Lacey Finery/Elf Ears

Booth 304

Rags & Bones

Booth 148

Steampunk Emporium

Booth 317

The Ortfaerie & Flute Garden

Booth 16

Whirlwood Magic Wands

Booth 161


Imaginarium Galleries

Booth 47

Root & Twig

Booth 145

Swords & Shields

Booth 12

Trader’s Market

Ananda Trader

Booth 421

Azalai Tuareg Jewelry

Booth 508

Casbah Caravan to Asylum Down

Booth 506

Hmong Needlework

Booth 509

Shakti Blue / Ekata

Booth 523

White Llama

Booth 529

Wood, Stone, and Bone

Badger Creek

Booth 133

Bone Pins

Booth 404

Broom Magic

Booth 327

NEW Danny Boy Pipes

Danny Boy Pipes logo Wood artisan vendor merchant

Booth TBA

Hollow Earth Swordworks

Booth 316

Madera Cup Company

Booth 34

New World Mugs and Woods

Booth 527

Sev’s Wood Crafts

Booth 32

Stickbow Archery

Booth 529A

The Wandering Highlander

Booth 132

Wassail Horns

Booth 24

Wild Vines Woodworking

Booth 134

Wood, Stone, Leather & Bone

Booth 404

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