Entertainment 2019


Aaron Bonk

Aaron Bonk is seriously ridiculous. With a twisted sense of humor and stupefying acts of danger, he risks his life to amaze and amuse the whole family in his world renown stunt spectacular. Machetes, whips, swords and fire–the hottest show in all the ‘shire!

Alfredo Commedia

The Flying Morgans & Alfredo Commedia present: La Cavalo Del Amore: A comedy about love, mistaken identity, and green leafy vegetables!

Bob Baker Marionettes
(May 11 & 12 at 3:30 p.m.)

For over 55 years, the Bob Baker Marionettes have been on the road performing at schools, birthday parties, country clubs, and anywhere there’s fun to be had!

Brandon Scott – The Wizard of Wonder

The Wizard of Wonder will delight you with his Storytelling Magic. Learn your own exciting illusions at the Wonder School of Magic!
Website: wizard-man.com
Photo by Margery Epstein


Broon brings a conversational style to the variety comedy world with less emphasis on corny gags and empty flash and more on audience interaction and personality. While cracking bullwhips, juggling bowling balls or eating fire, Broon keeps the laughs alive with a dry wit and extemporaneous style that keeps audiences in stitches. With his variety skills and stand-up comedy style Broon presents a show filled end to end with sly humor and impressive stunts and Broon’s extensive improvisational experience guarantees no two shows will be exactly alike.

Clan MacColin Irish Dance

Featuring the award-winning step dancers from the Guild of St. Andrews, this highland fling stirs the “inner Celt” in us all.

Clan Tynker

An enchanting kaleidoscope of skills from around the world performed to live music. An impressive variety of juggling skills, stage magic, comedy, Central Asian/Middle Eastern dance, sword swallowing, fire-eating and tight-wire walking with an accompanying musical soundscape played on an eclectic variety of instruments including

concertina, accordion, harmonium, dumbek, Balkan tupon, as well as various horns, bells and whistles. Fun for the whole family!

Country Garden Dancers

A high-energy troop of English country dancers roams through the Faire in a swirling flash of color and sound. Perchance these lively lads and lasses may show you a step or two!

Draiku –Aerial Dancer

Suspended above Deptford from her flowing silks, Draiku’s aerialist puts on an impressive and unique performance full of stunning visuals and breathtaking moments. Prepare to be awed and entertained by her grace and elegance!

Drum Jam

As the sun begins to set, the air fills with the booming rhythm of the drums. The ground shakes with the pounding of dancing feet. Bring your drum and join the jam, or clap, stomp, whistle, dance and shout along. With Seraphim Arabesque Ensemble and The Queen’s Percussion Ensemble, partake in the roiling sound and fury that is the Drum Jam. The rhythms rise at 6:20 daily at the White Hart Inn.

photo: John Truong

The House of William Caxton and Wynkyn de Worde (an educational guild)
(April 6/7 & 12)

Physically touch the past by experiencing authentic books from the Renaissance and Elizabethan-Jacobean England, including a Geneva Bible (1599), a King James Bible (1612-14), Spenser’s Works (1617), a Missale (1549), Holinshed’s Chronicles (1577), and several others. Also, you will hear stories about the books, and their authors and printers.

Green Eggs and Hamlet
(May 4/5, 11/12 & 18/19)

Green Eggs and Hamlet is a tragicomic mix of Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss. Though the pairing may be unusual, in a play designed to introduce the bard to children, it’s a dramatic, tongue-tying roller coaster filled with laughs and unexpected twists. Green Eggs and Hamlet presents William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as Dr. Seuss might have written it.

The Jousters

The Jousters are excited to bring their fully-armored, hard-hitting, and wholly unique style of jousting to the Faire. This is true sport; every lance break and shield shatter achieved is done in an authentic quest for victory! Come, cheer for majestic steeds and noble knights as they compete for The Golden Chain of Port Deptford! 

The Lynx Show
(April 6 – May 12)

The Lynx Show is a unique blend of magic, sword swallowing and comedy. Lynx is a veteran when it comes to performing at Renaissance festivals across the country. Not only is there audience interaction and participation but a strong positive message at the end. From death defying feats of amazement to bewildering moments that just can’t be explained, The Lynx Show is sure to thrill you! So, don’t miss out and be part of the fun!

The Magikhana Show
(April 20/21 & 27/28)

Internationally renowned Artiste of Mime, Magic, Comedy & Juggling, Arsene Dupin has delighted audiences world-wide with his amazing illusions and ingenious comedy! Recognized as one of the greatest performers in the world, Arsene will win the hearts and inspire the laughter of his audience within moments! 

MooNie the Magnif’Cent
(April 6/7 & 12/13/14)

Enchanting audiences for over 20 years without saying so much as a word, MooNie is the undisputed master of the Faire. MooNie presents a show that combines classic clowning, slack rope work and enough comedy to leave you gasping for breath. Enter the mind of MooNie.

One-Man Romeo & Juliet

Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy is condensed to six characters in 45 minutes for non-stop comedy and interactive hilarity. The audience is divided up in to Capulets and Montagues, so you are a part of the action. With lightning fast character changes and ridiculous sock puppets, the show will enrapture old and young, from the bullwhip intro to the thrilling finale!

The Raven

The Raven is a visual splash that draws audiences into a realm of eggstrordinary feats of magic, balance, and lunacy. A black feathered bird man that flies on top of a ball drops down and summons circles around him. The Raven has been mesmerizing folks close up coast to coast for over twenty years.

Seraphim Arabesque Ensemble

From across the ocean of fire, the Silk Road carried them, like the desert D’jinn they were born of the sand. Blending music and dance from throughout the Middle East, these performers will take to you on journey to exotic and ancient lands. The rhythm of the drums is infectious, the melody of the Oud will enchant you, and the dancers will make your heart race.
Sit back and enjoy as they invite you behind the veil of the harem.

Sky Kings Falconry

Sky Kings presents a free flying falconry and birds of prey demonstration featuring hawks, owls, falcons, and vultures. This amazing show takes place ABOVE the audience! Come experience the 5000 year old “Sport of Kings” while learning about majestic raptors in an excitement-filled and family-friendly presentation.
Sky Kings is brought to you by Wildlife Revealed, a 501-(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education and preservation of our planet’s wildlife.

Visit their website!

Tortuga Twins (Rated PG-13)
(May 4/5 & 18/19)

Playful, bawdy and unabashed, the Tortuga Twins (all three of them) will return for two fun filled weekends! Their special blend of stage comedy and audience participation has been labeled “Asthma-Attack Inducingly Funny.” Be warned.

The Washing Well Wenches

“Wet Dirty Women, Good Clean Fun!” These two wacky wenches prove that a good scrubbing and lots of belly laughs are good for the soul! Doing laundry has never been so much fun! Visit the Washing Well Wenches at www.facebook.com/WashingWellWenches.

Wiggins Faerie Lore Magician

Why mix magic and politics? That way when Jeremiah Wiggins lies to you you cannot be disappointed. Some politicians promise the impossible, Wiggins delivers it. Wiggins has the interest of the little people at heart, but that doesn’t mean humans. He represents Leprechauns, Brownies, Pixies and all the creatures of faerie land.
His curious blend of close up magic, folklore, and fantasy has carried his campaign across festivals coast to coast delighting audiences in the streets for the past two decades. Look for the very large mushroom, mischief and enchantment will follow.


Ad Hoc Consort

Throughout the shire you can hear the dulcet tones of our period instruments: recorders, krumhorns, sackbuts & others. Come experience the true sounds of the English Renaissance!

The Briton Ensemble
(April 13/14 & May 4/5)

The members of the Briton Ensemble, named for Director, James Briton Hendricks, have been singing ancient music together since 2001. Achieving a surprising standard of quality, the Briton Ensemble performs regularly at Renaissance Faires, the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco, and at concerts in Altadena, CA.

Bugle Biggins

Master Bugle Biggins is a ship’s musician who’s lately retired from a lifetime at sea. So he’s come to Deptford to entertain and amuse you with tales of his adventures, and to enchant you with soulful melodies on the harp and tin whistle.

The Freestylers of Piping

Bagpipes are so much more than amazing grace! Feast your ears on the creative improvisations that flow through the familiar tunes of The Freestylers of Piping and you’ll never think of pipes the same way again.

Freestylers of Piping

The Jackdaws

The Jackdaws deliver original, contemporary, and traditional Irish Rock to audiences across the land. This trailblazing trio will excite and have you coming back for more with their driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics. More Irish than a drunken roar, and a damned sight messier, meet The Jackdaws.

Kris Colt
(April 6/7, May 4 – 19)

Celtic singer songwriter, Kris Colt, reveals her past incarnation from the time of her ancestors in Scotland Ireland, England, and Wales as the songbird, Black Rose. She is a modern bard, with a lyrical singing style who passionately performs songs of both original and ancient origin. This artist has been on the boards as a performer her entire life in professional musical theatre and especially enjoys her time with her Celtic folk rock act, Kris Colt and The Black Rose Band.


Madrigali is a tight-knit group of musical performers singing traditional Renaissance and medieval music: a cappella madrigals, folk songs, ballads, chants and carols, almost all of it written prior to 1650. They bring this once wildly popular music back to life, not in some stuffy academic setting, but full of spirit, color, drama, and emotion – romantic, fanciful, bawdy, joyous.  Madrigali performs throughout the year at public and private events such as fairs, fundraisers, weddings, and Yuletide parties, mostly in and around Southern California, though they have performed in destinations as far away as Siena, Italy and Barcelona, Spain.


The Merry Wives of Windsor

These Lusty Serving Wenches return to the Faire serving bawdy songs and plenty of good cheer! NC-17 when performing on the Rogue’s Reef Stage. PG-13 when performing on the Royal Music Stage.

Patrice Ruane

Patrice Ruane plays traditional Celtic music on a harpsichord, a Renaissance-period keyboard instrument. Rather than hammer the strings like a piano, the harpsichord plucks the strings, giving it a delicate, music box-like quality. Enjoy her graceful, elegant melodies as you stroll the lanes.

Poxy Boggards

This self-described “drinking group with a singing problem” will delight you with their bawdy songs and naughty antics. NC-17 when performing on the Rogue’s Reef Stage. PG-13 when performing on the Royal Music Stage.

(April 20/21 & May 11/12)

Hoping to be the Crosby, Stills & Nash of the shanty scene, Daniel Rover Singer formed QuarterMaster in 2012 with musical director James Briton Hendricks. Traditional songs with updated lyrics and new 3-part harmonic arrangements (written specifically for QuarterMaster) bring a fresh spin to old music about Drinking, Sex, and the Sea. Cap’n Salty and Rover are joined by Stosh, Boots, Arrmen, Padre, Spike and Rufus making up the crew of “The Dodgy Sally.”

Sportive Tricks

A Southern California Folk-Rock Band with a heavy Irish influence, Sportive Tricks take great delight in giving traditional music a strong beat and an interesting twist. They also play many original tunes, both serious & silly.
The band started as performers at the Original Renaissance Faire more than five years ago and now play year round at pubs and concerts in Southern California. Inspired by the rich traditions of Irish, Scottish, & English folk, Cape Breton music, and sea shanties; Sportive Tricks combines traditional instruments with new arrangements, high energy, and a dash of humor for a foot tapping, hand clapping good time. Visit our website!

The Story Wrens
(April 6-21 & May 11-19)

Traditional songs of England, Scotland, and Ireland, accompanied by tenor mandolin, whistle, fiddle, bass, and other instruments. Celtic harper, Shawna, was winner of the All-Ireland contest and has performed with the Chieftains. Winners of the LA Critic Awards’ “Best Folk Album 2012.”


Be sure to look for these notable characters, appearing in shows or on the streets of the Faire.

Queen Elizabeth, our beautiful, young, yet eminently wise monarch, arrives this day to celebrate inclusivity within the streets of Deptford.  She brings pageantry and ceremony, laughter and joy to our port city in the most joyful of ways.

Lord Mayor, Barnabus Blyss is an exuberantly sincere and down to earth man, who presides over a city he loves with all his heart. There is no question that Deptford comes first in his eyes, just ask him!

Bennett Bower has captured the heart of the Lord Mayor. An energetic, fun loving, joust fanatic who always brings a smile to thy face is continuously planning their nuptials.   With an engagement lasting of four years, one is to wonder how the continuous planning could keep her so happy.

Mistress Bower, loving mother to Bennett, has made a return to Deptford. After years of a dedicated focus on the care-giving of others, this brilliant woman has decided to seize the day by sharing her theatrical talents with anyone in her path.

Nothing gets by our Customs Inspector, Don Guiesseppe Lorenzo Di Coronzano, without a large and very healthy bribe, that is. He is more than willing to help in any way possible.   His plans might include a little trouble here and there, but when pushed to explain, he “Don’t know nothin’ about it”.

Meet the master of the written word, Will Shakespeare, as he wends his way through our streets. Master Shakespeare is hosting a collection of the depth and breadth of his incredible work daily while he visits Deptford. Be his muse as he looks for inspiration for his latest work, or bandy about a bit of wit back and forth with the jovial fellow as he works to write a story the likes of which neither Deptford nor England has ever seen!

Lady Phoebe Scratchett, our extravagantly accomplished Deptford socialite, or Merry Widow as some like to call her, is said to have killed off all seven of her husbands.

Calanthia Candor is always there to lend an ear or hand, but understand she is a woman set in her sweet yet pretentious ways.

After an extensive sojourn through the Continent, the itinerate tinker, Chamber Potts (the‘H’is silent), has returned to Port Deptford with tales not for the faint of heart. Or he could just be trying to sell you something.

Sing along with our end of day song!

Special Thanks: Stu Venable, Jr.

As the sun begins to set,
As the sky to darkness turns
We are warm’d by your companionship
And we pray for your return

For to spend one day without you here
Would turn that bright day dim
For our world it is a better place
When you are here within

And if you cannot return,
We shall smile and say farewell
And the mem’ries shar’d
We shall hold close
And we hope you do as well

For to spend one day without you here
Would turn that bright day dim
For our world it is a better place
When you are here within


Kids’ Kingdom is a special place at Faire dedicated not only to children but to the young at heart of all ages. We have a performing stage, arts and crafts and games, a daily Knighting ceremony, a sandbox where buried treasure may be found, the Gnome Hunt, and villagers who will help make every visit special.  And everything at Kids’ Kingdom – including the arts and crafts you can learn to make and take home – is free!

Beauty and the Beast

A clever witch has turned the selfish Prince into a horrible Beast until he learns how to be kind. Can sweet and innocent Belle save him? And will her sister ever get some pie? Get the answers in our new play complete with musical accompaniment.

Foolish Fractured Fairy Tales

The Court of Misrule will let you pick your favorite fairy tales, then they combine them in the most hilarious ways. What happens when Little Red Riding Hood meets the Three Pigs and Goldilocks?  Who knows!  It’s never the same show twice!

Gnome Hunt

Gnomes have invaded Port Deptford yet again! Start by getting a Gnome List at the Front Gate or at the desk at Kids’ Kingdom. Then seek out the many gnomes hiding about the village in guild yards, markets, and shops. When you find one, get the shopkeeper or a guild member to mark your Gnome List. Then return to Kids’ Kingdom to receive your Official Gnome Finder Certificate, which will enable you to purchase this year’s unique Collectible Medallion ($5 at Fellowship Foundry).

Gwendolyn’s Quest

Poor Gwendolyn has wished her little brother away to the fairies and now must get him back. But first, she must solve three riddles given to her by the Fairy Queen. Along the way, she meets unexpected new friends. But will she find her brother?  And will they all live happily ever after?

The Giant’s Treasure

What could the pirates be so afraid of?  Can Molly, the mop maid, save the day? Find out what is most valuable in life as pirates land on a fearsome Giant’s island in search of treasure, but find a whole lot more than they expected.

Here be Pyrates!

Here we have the largest sandbox in the entire shire – so large that pirates sometimes mistake it for a beach and bury treasure in it.  If you can find any of their buried loot, you may keep your favorite piece, but you must rebury the rest of it and be just like a pirate yourself! Arrrrgh!

Arts and Crafts – Every day!

Make your own doll and its clothing.
Weave stalks of wheat into a heart.
Spin wool into yarn with a drop spindle.
Embroider a drawing onto burlap.
Make a sachet with fragrances you like best.
Copy a brass plaque onto special paper.

At Kids’ Kingdom we can teach your children (and you!) a wide variety of arts and crafts that lasses and lads of our time know very well.  They will then be able to create fun and unique keepsakes of today’s visit to take home and show their friends.  And they’re all for free, no matter how many different things you try.

The Queen’s Knighting Ceremony

Each afternoon Queen Elizabeth herself, in the presence of members of the Royal Court and many proud parents, promotes lads to be Knights and lasses to be Dames.  Each new Knight and Dame receives a personalized commemorative certificate and the opportunity to pose with Her Majesty for that special commemorative portrait.

Children who want to participate must enroll in advance at the Kids’ Kingdom front desk, beginning at 2 p.m.  Alas! we must limit enrollment to 25 children per day.

Merriment upon our Performing Stage

Here you can see wondrous plays including Beauty and the Beast, Foolish Fractured Fairy Tales, Gwendolyn’s Quest, The Giant’s Treasure, The Witches’ Apprentice, and more.  Listen to beautiful music played on instruments of our time.  Children can join in the merriment by participating in our interactive improvisational theater.

Play Games

Learn to play Renaissance games such as Nine Men’s Morris, Skittles, and Goose. Practice first to sharpen your skills, then see if you can beat a family member or friend, or maybe even our wily Game Master or his apprentices. Fun for all ages alike!

Interactive Improvisational Theater

Upon our stage we also have interactive improvisational theater, so that interested children can join in the merriment. Our storytellers will teach them to act out a comedy, or perhaps a folk story, or even learn some traditional songs.

The Witches’ Apprentice

Apprentice Willa has been studying for several years to become a REAL witch, and today is her final exam.  What will it take for Willa to earn her official witch’s Hat and Broom?  Does she pass her test? And what if she causes some mayhem in the meantime?

The Fairy Godmother

Meet our mystical Fairy Godmother in Kids’ Kingdom or about the shire. Maybe she will share some secrets with you.

Our Quiet Area

If you or your young ones just need to take a break away from the crowd, we offer a quiet area with comfortable benches, a big carpet, and wooden blocks to keep children amused.

Guilds and Troupes

The guilds & troupes of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire are performance groups portraying various facets of Elizabethan life. Click on the name to go to their official website, where available. Contact information is available if you’d like more information on joining or auditioning for that Guild or Troupe.

terp_hand_faireThe ASL Interpreters of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire

We provide interpreting services for our Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (HoH) guests. Stage shows, shopping, directions, etc. are all covered to allow the best show possible. A schedule of Interpreted shows is given to all information booths, for each Faire day. Each stage board also will have the interpreter symbol with a list of interpreted shows. There will be an interpreter stationed at the info booth near the feasting commons to facilitate communication for Faire information. We will also provide interpreters for any Deaf/HoH person who would like to work at the Faire, for their workshops or on-site meetings with their guild/booth. If an emergency occurs on site and an interpreter is needed, we do that too! We are here to make your Faire experience the best it can be!
Several years ago a mentorship/internship program was instituted where Interpreters who are looking for something new and different can be involved as well as Interpreting students can get school credit for their work. This program has been very successful in helping them to fulfill their practicum requirements. We are very excited to have been providing interpreting services to the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire since the mid 80’s.
Are you interested in having an interpreter with you for the day to interpret for you and our Marketplace vendors, interactions in the street, or other non-stage interpreting? Contact the director of the ASL interpreters for setting up this free service! We look forward to see you at the Faire!!!
Director: Tabatha King
Email: tking7984@gmail.com

Country Garden Dancers

This dance troupe performs high energy, exhilarating dance in the English Country tradition — including both authentic period dances and original pieces — in bright and colorful stage shows. CGD also continues the ancient and hallowed tradition of dancing around the Maypole as a celebration of springtime and revelry. Children are welcome to join us as we wrap the Maypole up in ribbons!
Director: Anne Atkinson
Email: TBA

The Court Of Misrule – Fool’s Guild

These boisterous and punny fools bring wit to the city! Demand to hear their arsenal of jokes, or challenge them in friendly banter and YOU could be crowned King Fool for the day.
Don’t miss their Fractured Fairy Tale show – where you decide what fairy tales they mash together in the most hilarious ways. What happened when Red Riding Hood met the Three Men in a Tub? We may never know! It’s never the same show twice! The Fractured Fairy Tale show takes place upon the Kids’ Kingdom stage.
Join them for a properly improper tea time at the Unruly Foolie Tea for truly delicious treats and foolishness that cannot be repeated! What happens at the Unruly Foolie Tea stays at the Unruly Foolie Tea!
Director: Misty Rivera-Pauly
Email: ditzie_chick@yahoo.com

Danse Macabre

Even in the most festive villages, the Plague could always rear its ugly head and spoil our play. Join these dancers in the street as they trick death away from our Shire and remind us to live each day to the fullest.
Director: Bob Fox
Email: cyberbobfx@aol.com

The Fantastikals
“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

The legend of Elizabeth as the Fairy Queen is heard even in the realm of the Fantastikals and so her immortal subjects have come to Deptford to witness her beauty as well. Among them dwell fairies, sprites, brownies, and elemental creatures whose descriptions cannot even be spoken of with mere human words. These lithe, lovely, and lyrical beings are also mischievous and fierce, as changeable as the winds and tides. Seek them among the trees, behind the shadows, or on the wind, but if you find one you are either childlike and innocent or completely mad. They know which you are. Do you?

The Florentines of San Lorenzo

Florence: The Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and home to the d’Medici family, infamous leaders of Tuscany; patrons of the finest artists, architects and scholars; and world-reknowned arbiters of style and grandeur. Ambassadors from the d’Medici family have arrived at Port Deptford with a colorful contingent of Italian lords and ladies, soldiers, swordsmen and artists. Learn the methods and techniques of the rapier and arming sword, enjoy a reading of beauteous Italian literature, watch a Florentine court portrait artist ply his craft, or discover what the Renaissance Florentines knew about herbs, plants and medicine. As the saying goes, “Everyone wants to be a Medici.” Come see for yourself.
Guildmaster: Drew Murphy
Email: drew.murphy26@gmail.com

The Gentlemen Adventurers

The patriots, Heroes and Explorers of Elizabeth’s England! We are the men responsible for establishing England’s first colonies, the exploration of the New World and leading England’s interests in military matters. We are men of money, education and fortitude. See these military officers, explorers and gentlemen take to the streets conducting personal duels and practicing their swordplay.
The ladies of the Gentlemen Adventurers are the educated women of the emerging ‘merchant class’ and frequently came from well-to-do families of England. They dance, spend their husband’s money at the markets and train alongside our gentlemen as they form the backbone to all of the Gentlemen Adventurers.
Watch us on YouTube
Guildmaster: Steven Leon

Guild of St. Andrews – Clan MacColin

This lively clan of Scottish singers, dancers, musicians, and soldiers demonstrate their slice of life in their interactive camp, entertain with their high-stepping dance show and thrill with their skills in battle on the Tournament field.
Guildmaster: Steve Gillan
Email: Colinchief@hotmail.com

StCuthbert2Guild of St. Cuthbert – Parades and Pageants

Participating in most of the Faire’s parades each Faire day, we open and close the Faire with a song, escort the Lord Mayor in his parade and accompany Her Majesty the Queen during her Progress throughout Port Deptford.
In addition to parading about, we offer interactive craft classes and demonstrations at our Guild area. Leather crafting for children – learn to work with leather and take home your project. Spinning demonstrations and lessons as well as wool and knitting/crochet supplies.
Our daily highlight is Tea with the Queen at 4:00. Have the opportunity to spend time with Her Majesty and enjoy a full tea service including tea, scones, sandwiches and tarts. Each adult guest receives a teapot to take home and children receive a teapot charm.
Guildmaster: Sue Honor
Email: suehonor@pacbell.net

Guild of St. Helena – The Commoner’s Guild

We the Common Folk of the Guild of St. Helena’s have set forth upon the city to revel, cavort, caper, parade and otherwise celebrate the visit of our most honored and glorious Queen Elizabeth! We sing, dance, parade, prank, practice our Shakespeare and generally make merry and rejoice with all the visitors to our Port Depford. Our Country folk residents can also be seen crafting, churning butter, feasting, singing and playing in Duckbilled-Nippingshire, the lovely little suburb of West Depford. Come sing, pull a rope, kick a cabbage, work on your prose, throw dice, be a sheep or otherwise frolic with us! This day is ours! Look for the bloomers of the Guild of St. Helena’s. We are an excellent entry into Faire participation, and welcome new members.

Now Accepting New Members!
Guildmaster: Kasey Moran
Email: kasey@deadgirldesignz.com

The Guild of St. Ives – The Townsfolke
The Saint Ives Historical Society (Guild of St. Ives) is celebrating its 25th year! As you enter the Faire, our townsfolk are busy about their daily activities. Watch our skilled craftspeople as they spin thread, throw pottery, and craft jewelry, and gaze at the flirtatious women on the Bell’s porch. Listen to the sounds of our lusty blacksmiths as they forge hot iron, and the musicians as they play and sing lively Renaissance songs at the Queen’s Cup Tavern. Feel the handwoven wool and linen cloth and braid created in front of you by our master weavers, and take a hand to join in a spontaneous street dance of Sellenger’s Round. Have a word with our street folk, who always have time for a friendly greeting (as well as a ready quip). We are tremendously excited at the prospect of a visit from our beloved Queen, Elizabeth! Smell the fine aroma of sixteenth century baking from our cookyard; do all this, and before you know it, the Guild of St. Ives will have transported you to the streets of Deptford during the Elizabethan Renaissance on the morning of our spring Pleasure Faire…
Visit our website at www.saintives.com
Guildmaster: Josh Ritter
Email: docido41@yahoo.com

Guild of St. Michael – The Military
The fierce, hardy soldiers and camp followers are found in this encampment, battling in the Arena, and escorting Her Majesty, The Queen. Stop by before 1:00 PM and your kids can train and march with the Queen’s military and even join the show at the Queen’s Royal Joust.
Guildmaster: “AJ” Johnson
Email: Aaron_Johnson@verizon.net

Kids’ Kingdom
Kids’ Kingdom is a special place at Faire dedicated not only to children but to the young at heart of all ages. We have a performing stage, arts and crafts and games, a daily Knighting ceremony, a sandbox where buried treasure may be found, the Gnome Hunt, and villagers who will help make every visit special.  Come and visit – we will be waiting for you!
Director: Linda Conley Ballard
Email: gammergosling@gmail.com

Norwich Waits
The Southern California Early Music Consort appears as Norwich Waits at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire as the Queen’s band and the horse tourney fanfare ensemble. The Norwich Waits celebrates 42 years with the Faire in 2017.
Historically, The Norwich Waits was the band that traveled with Queen Elizabeth when she left London on Progress. The group was famous for its collection of the finest musicians in the British Isles.
Our Norwich Waits can be heard performing all the music for the dances of the Royal Court as well as music for the Call O’the Faire & Queen’s Show at the Main Stage and the Opening Gate Show at the beginning of every Faire day.
Director: Tom Axworthy
Email: scemc@earthlink.net

The Privateers
Provided with a letter of Marque and in the name of England they have sailed across the seas. Some call them pirates, but they are proud privateers and are of the sea. They have pillaged many a ship for the glory of her Majesty and now return to land with many riches! These old salts are looking to spend in excess on drinks, gambling, company and maybe a few hearty fights. Be wary when one swaggers by, because when a sailor is on leave anything can and will happen.

Make ready your cannons and hail shot!

The Privateers use a mix of historical knowledge and guerrilla improv to create a comedic portrayal of privateering sailors on shore leave.
Director: Ronald Glass
Email: privateer013@gmail.com

Pay heed to their stern warnings and colorful preachings against excess fun and frivolity but remember they do not always practice what they preach!
Director: Nick Balbas
Email: nickbalbas@aol.com

The Queen’s Court
The Queen’s Court is an ensemble group of hearty volunteers who portray the historical characters who were part of Queen Elizabeth’s court during the first 10 years of her reign. With research, costumes and a visual environment they strive to entertain and create a slice of Elizabethan life for customers and participants alike. Their main task is to support the actress who plays Queen Elizabeth and they spend many hours in training and rehearsal to achieve this goal with improvisational theatre techniques.
Guildmaster: Terri Casey
Email: auntiegertus@yahoo.com

Find the Adventurer in YOU!
Experience an entirely NEW RenQuest™! -a bold interactive adventure at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire. RenQuest™ delights gamers with an abundance of profound and absurd riddles, clues, spells and hunts. Players directly interact with Faire performers, artisans and merchants throughout the village. Earn achievements, collect rewards and ultimately test your mental and strategic abilities while questing with the Crew of the Twisted Claw. Are you brave enough to take on the swashbuckling challenges of RenQuest™?
For our younger adventurers, experience KidsQuest. Help our pirates hunt for the lost treasure of the Twisted Claw Armada.

St. Nicholas Home for Wayward Children
Babies built the Renaissance, and at St. Nicholas Home for Wayward Children, you’ll meet a menagerie of children wearing authentic Renaissance wear, playing authentic games. The children of the performers become performers themselves as they learn authentic songs and dances, practice for a pageant, do the “washing” and play with the audience. Just remember, keep your fingers out of the cage, and please, don’t feed the children!
Director: Kryss Stephan
Email: kryss@kryssstephan.com

St. Swithin’s Guild – The Village Mongers
The Mongers Guild portray relentless and determined street merchants who will attempt to sell anything. Barter with a frolicsome fishwife, a clattering tinker, or a bumbling barber-surgeon during morning market for some of the most interesting wares in the village! And, once a day, they take to the stage with the rollicking Faire classic, Pye Powder Court.
Guildmaster: David Hind
Email: lsdayve@yahoo.com

The Town Criers
The Town Criers of Saint Blaise are known for their boisterous ways. Whether it is ringing bells, frolicking in the streets, crying the news or napping in a pile, the Criers can easily be spied about the Shire in their yellow sashes. Throughout the years, the Criers lead both the Queen and the Lord Mayor to various destinations, as well as delivering the news and gossip of the day. So if you hear our bells and the call of “Make Way!” you know that the excitement is approaching.
Director: Joe Hinkle
Email: Joe.hinkle1979@gmail.com

St Minerva’s Washer Women
Caution, you may get wet! – Wit, Water & Song fly freely at the washing well. Laundry, and laughter is the life-blood of these lively women. The Washing Well has been seen as a slice of daily life for the village where women gather to do their wash, gossip, argue and laugh.
Director: Michelle O’Brien
Email: Mobrien3232@gmail.com

Yeomen of The Queen’s Guard
You’ll see them on the streets, dashing young gentlemen dressed in bright red. They are England’s longest standing military unit, the Yeomen of the Guard. They protect the Queen. They protect the nobles. They hunt for spies. And they woo women, oh do they woo women. You’ll find them accompanied by ladies in blue, the Queen’s Household. They protect the men, they hunt for husbands, they woo, too. Do not ask them about their jugs. You’ll find them all at lunchtime, entertaining her Majesty with fine foods, lovely songs, and stories that might make you laugh. Maybe cry.
Guildmaster: Gordon Bradley
Email: biggb@jps.net

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